Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Time marches on!

Well, Ethan is already FIVE months old! I can hardly believe it, Shane and I say almost every day how fast time flies. Especially when you have three boys....whew, they keep us sooooo busy. But what a blessing they are, that is for sure! We got a GREAT report today at the doctor, it was awesome to hear our doc say that Ethan is doing so much better. (In case you weren't aware, he has had a rough last 4-5 weeks or so, with terrible wheezing and coughing spells again.) He had to take some pretty disgusting medicine, and have lots of breathing treatments, but thankfully everything is working and he seems to be on the upswing! Here is some video that I took last night of Ethan having a grand old time in his crib! Man, those dimples, that smile, those giggles...they get me every time!

Also, for all you mommies that read my blog, you have to check out http://theboefamily.blogspot.com/. This is my friend Heather's blog, and you can get to it just by clicking on that link. There was an awesome clip of a VERY creative mom singing about the joys that come along with motherhood, and Heather managed to get it onto her blog. It is in the section titled, "For all you mommies out there!" and it should be near the very top. The video is tremendously funny (very worthy of your time to watch!) and I know you will be able to relate--whether you have one child or seven!! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Hey dev! I did see this a few days ago! HE is getting so big! I guess he isn't that far behind luke. The pic. was dark but it was neat how you could just see his face and him laughing was adorable.