Monday, August 6, 2007


Ethan, I have noticed in the past several weeks, has been going from that newborn phase to the infant phase rather quickly.
In just the last couple of weeks, he has begun reaching for his toes (LOVE that one), then of course the 'reaching of the toes' becomes 'sucking ON the toes'; he has also been talking and babbling a TON, and sitting up all by himself! No need for the Boppy anymore (although we have had a few occasions of toppling over backwards thanks to a certain one and a half year old that lives in my house, who I will not mention by name, who just loves to "play" with "babee E" when he sees him down on the floor!)

He has also been getting himself into that position where you know he just wants to take off and crawl....and if he could just figure it out, he would be across the room in a flash. It will be any day now, I believe, and that will click with him just how to do that, and then....all I can say is, I think I am really going to be in trouble! So far, having three hasn't been all that much different from having two boys...but Ethan isn't on the move yet, and hasn't really been doing much, activity wise (until the last few weeks or so). He has been happy to sit in a bouncy seat or a saucer or a stroller, and just contentedly play for quite a good stretch of time. But I think those days are almost that he has figured out how (sort of), this child wants to move, and once he actually does figure it out--yikes, for me. I am going to have to figure out some way of keeping him contained--my house is sort of wide open everywhere, and there is pretty much no way to put gates up. I am sure (or, hopeful, anyway) that I will be able to conquer how to do all that when the time comes. The fear of how things are going to be is always worse than how things actually are--at least, that has been the case from my experience! I hope this will be the same way.....

I got a couple good shots of Ethan sitting up yesterday, playing, and I just had to post them. He is quite the little cheeser--he usually recognizes the camera and begins smiling almost instantly! It is really funny, and he only has about 6 different kinds of smiles (as you can see from the pictures).

Another first--this afternoon, he got his first taste of rice cereal! As any other mom will tell you, that first experience with "solid" food is always a funny one. Ethan's was no exception! And of course, he didn't really love it, but I know each time he will like "eating" more and more.

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