Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, my sweet second child

Today is Cameron's birthday.

I can't help but reflect upon what I was doing on this day two years ago......

I had begun having pretty regular contractions around 8:30 p.m. on my actual due date--the 13th of October. Shane and I were watching a movie, and I remember saying to him, "I think I'd better head to bed and get some good sleep....I have a feeling I am going to need it tomorrow." I had been having contractions on a pretty regular basis for several weeks, but, that night, they were coming very regularly--about 20 minutes apart at the beginning of the movie. By the end of the movie, though, they were coming a bit quicker--every 15 minutes.

So, we headed to bed around 11:00 or so that night, and I actually did sleep fairly decently, even through the contractions....that is, until about 3 a.m. By then, they were coming every 10 minutes or so, and they were getting stronger. I can remember thinking, this is it. That is a really undescribable feeling, you know? Even with almost 10 months to ponder the thought of a brand new life entering your household, when that time actually does arrive, it seemed almost surreal to me. Like it just couldn't possibly be the time for this baby to actually be here. Scary, exhilarating, painful (only literally of course), and yet wonderful all at the same time.

Though my mind may have been having doubts, my body certainly was telling me that the time was DEFINITELY here. This baby was going to come that day, I was positive of it.

So, we called my mom around 6:00 a.m. that morning, and she came as quickly as she could to be with Colin. I remember tears in her eyes as she told me goodbye at the door, and her telling me that she would be praying for me, and that everything would be just fine and go very smoothly. The thought of all of that really comforted me as I headed out to the car. As Shane and I headed over to the hospital, which is about 35 minutes away, I couldn't even sit in the seat--I was in way too much pain for that to be comfortable. So, I sort of hung over the console as best as my huge belly would let me and moaned most of the way there. I will be honest with you here--this wasn't the prettiest sight, nor was it my finest hour of pain tolerance, but I was doing the best I could, considering that by this point, I had been having some serious contractions for about five hours.

We got to the hospital around 8 a.m., and in a flourish, I was in a wheelchair (still in pain) and whisked up to labor and delivery. I was certain--CERTAIN--that I must be dilated to at least a six or seven, because everyone had assured me that the second labor is so much quicker than the first. (Colin, for the record, was a 25 hour delivery. More on that in 2 1/2 weeks).

Well, when Dr. Shepherd checked me a few minutes after I got settled in, (still in pain) I was at a measly four. A FOUR! Though this may seem like decent progress, there is one thing that you must understand: I had been sitting at THREE for the previous three weeks!

I was so disappointed....shattered is actually a better word. I had been thinking, I can do this, I can do this! I won't have very far to go once I get there; I have to be pretty far already! But to my utter dismay, I still had a long way to go.

I thought I had been in pain--that was, until Dr. Shepherd decided that it was time to speed this delivery along and broke my water! Then, I was pretty much ready to kill myself.

Oh, the memories....

However, thanks to God's grace, the rest of the labor really did go fast after that. I don't remember everything--it is all sort of blurry--but I remember things like they lost Cameron's heart rate for a few agonizing seconds. I went from having one nurse in the room with me to two doctors and three nurses in about 5.7 seconds. But, they did their thing, and stuff got back on track in no time. Somehow, four hours had passed, and it was about 12:30 p.m.--and Dr. Shepherd was exclaiming that it was time to push!

I can remember exchanging this look with Shane like, "this is really it." I don't even know if he remembers this himself (he, too, had a lot going on at that moment, being my coach and all) but he just looked at me like, "I am so proud of you Dev, and I love you so much." He didn't have to even say anything--it was all there on his face. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Fortunately, there was some truth in the whole "the second labor/delivery is so much faster" thing--I only pushed for 30 minutes with Cameron, and a little after 1 p.m., he was in our arms! That was exactly 1/4 of the time it took for Colin to make his grand entrance, and boy was I thankful for that. He was just the most perfect thing ever. I couldn't get enough of holding him and cuddling him.....and I remember smiling a LOT that day.

Proud PapaGrandma 'Nette
Grandma Jane and Big Brother Colin

I could have never known how many smiles would come to my face in the two years that followed. Cameron brings such JOY to our household. He is one of the best presents that God has ever given me, and today, we celebrated that.

I love you sweet boy--Happy 2nd Birthday!

***We are having a joint birthday party with Colin on Saturday, but we did let Cameron open one of his presents today. Here are some shots of him playing with Mack (the semi-truck from the CARS movie) and his new race cars!***

Cameron and Chick

Colin, MACK, Cameron and mommy

Cameron and MACK

"The BOYS" all playing with the new toys


Unknown said...

hey dev, karie and I are just here looking at your LONG blog but we wanted to make sure we posted just to help you out ;) Hope cameron had a great birthday and we will see you this weekend!!!

HzlntLatte said...

Hey Devin! Wow...3 babies! I bet you are kept super busy! Glad you found me. I've been really bad lately about posting, but life has been so crazy I haven't been able to keep up. Now that we're settled in a house, I hope that will change. I'm 3 months preggo with our first. Crazy!

Glad I'll be able to keep up with you here! :)

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday cutie patootie!
Enjoyed reading your story. We have the Mack truck and cars too - my boys LOVE the movie and the toys.