Monday, February 25, 2008

Blink and they're grown

As I was looking at some new pics of my newest nephew Callen today, I was reminded of something that I wanted to post a few months ago. I had forgotten all about it, so, here it is today, a couple of months late.

This is a picture of baby Colin and Uncle Jay at Colin's very first Thanksgiving. (The pics of Callen and Jay being cozy together reminded me of this shot!)

Uncle Jay and baby Colin, crashed together on the couch

Enjoy Callen while he's little Jay....before you know it, he'll look like this!

This is Colin, not such a baby anymore, this past Thanksgiving with Uncle Jay. By the way, in case you were wondering....they were all cozied up together on the couch watching Strawberry Shortcake. :-) To be fair, Reese was in the room watching as well, but I truly think that Jay was enjoying the show as much as Reese was. ***hee hee!***

I thought it was so cute how Lynette took almost the same picture that I had, only four years later!

Love you both, Jay and Karie, and love the pics--keep them coming!


Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment, wondering how I am doing after my miscarriage. I am doing much better then I have during previous miscarriages. I am anxious to become pregnant again, although then I will just be anxious! I think for me the hardest part this time that I was so excited that I was going to have another baby in October, exactly two years apart, I was due Oct. 12, Rose will turn four on Oct. 11th and Pearl will turn two on Oct. 17th. So yes it would have been very cool to have all of my kids have birthdays the same week but I have learned by now that God's plans for growing my family are better then mine.
How have you been feeling about your loss?
Your boys are adorable and I love reading your stories about potty training etc. Also their Bible verses are so cute. I had Rose meomorize a verse at Thanksgiving,
however since then I have not worked with her too much in this area, your blog of your precious boys has made me remember how important this is to be consistent with. I also think it is amazing at how quickly they can learn a Bible verse at this age and to think that they will have that for their whole life. It is an amazing gift we can give to our children.
P.S. I also found a few new links of more babies to pray for from your blog so Thank you for having them up.
Rachel in PA