Monday, August 4, 2008

Trophy Night

The racing season has officially come to a close. There is a big part of me that is sad, because I really enjoyed watching them "compete" each week; but a small part of me is actually glad that they are all done!

Having three small children in one activity like this was a lot of work each week, but definitely worth the effort. Our Monday nights were never lacking excitement! The boys loved it, and they all did extremely well. They each completed six out of seven races (we missed one while gone on vacation), which was good for a "ka-trophy" (as Cameron says) at the awards night!

Ethan, just hanging out before the ceremony began...
"Would someone please get this show on the road?"

Daddy and his lil' racers!

Ethan, on stage awaiting his trophy

Trophy time!



The boys with Grandma MJ

"Look at our awesome trophies!!"
(Ethan was actually looking at a squirrel...his trophy wasn't quite as exciting *giggle*)

Cameron--this picture was just too cute not to post. I am absolutely in love with his sweet little *broken* smile! It makes him even more unique than he ever was...

Col with his this picture, some of the excitement had begun to wear off and the hunger pains were setting in!

"Enough pictures, Mom....can we please go EAT?"

The boys and Mommy

Mr. Ka-Trophy

" See? This one is mine, I won it all by myself."

" Mommy.....I LOVED the races!!"

Up next.....Colin starts SOCCER in three weeks! Agh! Where are my babies going?!


Shelly said...

aw, the family shots are TOO TOO cute! it brings me such a sense of joy to see other little families that look as full of love and joy as mine does to me (did that make sense, ha! it's been a long day =)

and i love the sunset pictures in the post below--beautiful!

Julie said...

Your boys are all cute, but I swear, little E just keeps getting cuter every time I see him!!!

(Perhaps we should arrange a marriage between him and The Jib...LOL)

Kara said...

so cute! i love the new photos...the sunset is absolutely gorgeous too! the boys looked like they had fun running!

Karie said...

Looks like so much fun. Can't wait till we can do something like that with ours.

The Boe's ~ said...

What a great thing to have for the boys. I wonder if they have anything like that around here. AND by the way, I've been out of the blog-world lately and your boys have GROWN UP while I was gone.....So adorable and they are all so, so cute!!!