Friday, October 3, 2008

Costume ideas

Thank you so much if you offered a suggestion on Halloween costumes for the boys! I must admit: I loved Julie's idea of the Wizard of Oz theme. I even thought of Shane being the scarecrow and Ethan being Toto! Since I would probably be carrying Ethan most of the time anyway, it would be a good fit!

I still may work on trying my hand at making the Junior costume....I'll have to give that some more thought though, and do a little searching to see if I could find all the right 'ingredients' to make it. I don't want Col and Cameron to look all cute and 'professional' and poor Ethan to look all homely with a generic, terribly-done homemade costume! *giggle*

After searching eBay a little more, I had another idea that I just may go with (cause the costumes were relatively cheap--buying three of them runs up the cost really, really fast!): Three different colors of M&M's.

I thought that would be cute, right?

There were other really great ideas, too, that I will definitely keep in mind for use in future years. Thanks again for pitching your ideas everybody--I really appreciate the input!


Julie said...

M&M's would be cute! I liked your variation of the Wizard of Oz idea, too! Ethan would make a cute Toto.

I know what you mean about costumes being expensive!! I'm still trying to figure out what the girls will be this year. The older kids won't be at our house, so I don't have to figure out what they'll be. (Whew!)

I'm sure whatever you do, it will be great!

Unknown said...

great ideas dev,
you know, you could always make all 3 outfits? whatever you decide I know they will just be adorable