Monday, February 9, 2009

Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't do so many things for our children....

Cameron snuggles up to me on my bed:


I look over.

"Yeah, honey?"

With a questioning look on his face, he says:

"Does my breath stink?"

(This, by the way, is a phrase that I use with the boys quite a bit when discussing reasons why we need to brush our teeth on a consistent basis--".....because we don't want to have holes in our teeth or stinky breath.....")

So, I replied:

"I don't know, buddy....let me smell." And then I leaned over close, so that he could open his mouth, breathe on me, and I could let him know if he, indeed, had stinky breath. 'Cause that's just what a mother does for her son. Right, mommies?

However, I was not expecting this:

Cameron proceeds to firmly close his mouth, look up at the ceiling, and shoot a hard and deep breath my way--out of his nostrils. In the process, he managed to send a booger flying out of his nose, which landed squarely. on. my. cheek.


I've said it before.

I'll say it again.

I just could not make this stuff up.

I never did determine if the poor kid had stinky breath.....


Shelly said...

tee hee! hilarious and horrifying--the best kind of story!

Kirst said...

All I can do is laugh! Kids are so fun.

Julie said...

I laughed out loud, read this post to Ande (while laughing my head off), and am still laughing as I type this. HA HA HA HAH!!

I love your kids.

Unknown said...

Let me guess. your response after that was, "CAMERON" in your tone.

Julie said...

Oh my word! I am laughing my butt off over here! I can picture it, like a video in my mind! I'm so sorry... but thanks for the laugh!

Kathy said...

That is glorious D! Glorious!

That Cam gots some distance. :)

I love your boys!

Lori said...

Oh the joys of having boys!!! Just wait Dev, just wait :)

Carolyn said...

Makes you second guess all the parenting tricks that seemed so "right" at the moment - to motivate and stir might wanna rethink the stinky breath strategy!

Great laugh. Thanks. Here is the real you get it off with a tissue or just your finger?!!?

Lost My Mind said...

too funny......thanks