Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday musings and a not-so-funny funny


~am finding out that when I lie on my back, even for short periods, I can no longer feel either of my hands. Hmmmm....

~could possibly eat Steak n Shake chili everyday for many days to come.

~love the Bella Band that I just bought at Target. If you've not heard of this, you must check it out! (Thank you Karie for the tip!!)

~is praying for a dear friend and her family today.

~wish there was a Panera Bread closer to me.

~felt peanut move for the first time Saturday night!

~enjoyed being 'unplugged' for the entire weekend.

~am enjoying being back online this afternoon! *grin*

~am so excited I came in second place in this!!

~back-to-school shopped for one of my children for the first time yesterday. *sniff, tear* It was not easy...but, on the brighter side, Colin and I had a blast being together. I love one-on-one times with my boys.

~am looking forward to Thursday: girls night!

~am going to go catch a couple of zzzz's (hopefully) while my boys are doing the same!


Colin, peering closely (apparently, a little too closely) at me in my bathing suit: "Mommy?"

Me: "What, buddy?"

Colin: "Ummmm....I think that that fat that you have on your belly from the baby, like, moving around to your bottom and your legs."



Julie said...

I saw those bands at Target yesterday and thought of weird is that?

LOVE Colin's comment. Even though I would totally NOT think it was funny if one of my kids said it to me (or anyone else), the fact that it wasn't my child NOR was it directed at me, I CAN think it's pretty stinkin' hilarious!

Leanne said...

Hey, thanks buddy!

I've heard of those bands...I couldn't ever wear them cause when I'm pregnant I can't wear my regular clothes at all, but it's a great idea!

I think the numbness in your arms is pretty normal, I think it has to do with your uterus being stretched and sitting on nerves....are we allowed to talk uteruses on a blog??? Hmmm...

I went to the J Crew blog....what a beautiful and eloquent woman of God! My heart went out to the family, thanks for linking to them.

Well, another day, take care!

The Swenson Family :) said...

Congrats on winning the Yes-Mom contest! You definitely deserve it!! :)

Colin's comment is too funny :) Well since he didn't say it to me, it's funny. :) When we took the kiddos to the park that one day, Colin wanted to ride with me in my car instead of the van, but I didn't have a car seat. So I was like "sorry buddy, you'll have to go in the van this time, but maybe next time we can plan better." And trying to make HIM feel better I said, "Plus the boys are more fun anyways."

and Colin said, "yeah, and they push better than you too."

Hahaha Apparently I wasn't strong enough when we were pushing them on the swings! Hahahah LoL

See you tomorrow!!!!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Cute post! Loved it!

Especially loved Colin's comment! When I was 9 months pregnant with my twin boys, the kids always loved to rub lotion on my belly and talk to the baby. One time, Taelyn (who was 5 at the time) said "Mommy, you have the coolest belly ever! It looks just like a zebra!" I know she meant it as a compliment, but it was clear at that point that the stretch marks had taken over! She was equally disappointed after I had the babies and my "zebra belly" was gone! Ha!

Hope you continue to have a great summer!


Julie said...

Congrats on feeling the baby for the first time!! Ahh, I miss those days... but not too much!

I'm sorry, but what Colin said it just too awful funny!! You are a brave woman to post that! :0)

Lynette said...

I'm laughing so hard. What a kid!

mommyoflove3 said...

I am "delurking" to say how much I love your blog! I somehow found it over a year ago and was immediately hooked by your hilarious stories and adorable boys! I must've missed the post where you said you were pregnant so..congratulations!!

I hope you don't mind that I have been reading...


Kathy said...

Thanks D <3

YEAH!!!! For feeling the babe kick! I love it!


SarahMerritt said...

I just gave you a blog award hop over to mine to see it and please pass it on!


Carolyn said...

Ahhh, the pregnancy weight gain noticed by your children - can't beat it! :) At least it is a good thing to grow fat over, right?!

Speaking of...I had not had a chance to comment on your blog about your doc appointment. I was so so so thankful that all turned out well. What a little stinker this baby is - must be another boy :) Praying for you. I can't beieve you are feeling him/her move already - that's awesome. I was always late on that!

We are now in Lousville, Ky and will be here another week. All is well. I noticed you love Panera - mmmmeeeeeee toooooooooooo. Ate there yesterday and plan to several more times this trip before we head back to MX. Wish we could meet there for lunch :) We ended up flying instead of the long long drive so that knocked out any chance of being in your area.

I so so so understand your feelings of sending Colin to school - BUT want to reassure you too that watching him grow and develop in this new environment will bring an amazing new type of pride that is pretty cool to experience. Hang in there. Prepare yourself for the "punch in the gut" feeling the first day you leave him...BUT it is all uphill from there :)

Have a great day. Good to be back in touch (I was on slow dial-up while at my Mom's and it was hardly worth signing on)

Love, Care