Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday musings and 28 weeks


~can. not. get. motivated. today. Ugh. But, I think I say that
every Monday....

~would be much more excited about the 'daylight savings' train if my children would climb aboard. Geesh. Their little body clocks don't change so easily, do they?

~had such a fun birthday weekend with Colin. He turned SIX on Halloween! Post with pictures, coming soon!

~am not very happy with the Pop-Tart people lately. They are getting skimp--eeee on the icing. Come on, Pop-Tart people. That's why I
buy Pop-Tarts.

~am so excited for my friends
Kathy and Shelly! Kathy welcomed a new baby girl to her crew of three boys (and on Halloween too--just one more thing we have in common!) and Shelly added a boy to her girly clan! What an awesome weekend for babies!

~get to do the 28 week glucose test and get my Rogam shot tomorrow. *Yippee*.

~have two little boys in this house right now who would rather play with Daddy's plumbing parts than their own toys.

~wonder why I spend money on toys?

~am getting to that *point* where it is becoming difficult to find a sufficient sleeping position. Poor Shane is losing more and more room every night, thanks all the pillows it takes to make me comfy.

~could probably spend--at minimum--two hours every single day just walking around my house, picking things up, and putting them back in their rightful place. What is
with that? Have we not lived here, in this exact same house, for three years? Am I the only one who knows where things GO around here?

~have much to do today....must get off this computer!

*28 week belly pic!*

Happy Monday, everyone!


Shaye said...

You look great!
Wanted to let you know about the Leachco maternity pillows at Babies r us. You have to try one. It was the only way I could sleep late in my last pregnancy. It wraps around your body and you can adjust it several ways. It gave great support to my belly. Well worth the money. (No I dont work for the company...sounds like a testimonial, LOL)

Aim said...

Yes, I do believe you are the ONLY one who knows where anything goes in your house. And, you will most likely be the only one to know which rag is clean and able to be used to wipe little faces. I thought we lived in a home with our husband and children but guess not.;)

Devin said...

HA! Aim, that's too funny...I'm forever saying, "WAIT! Don't use that rag..." :)

Mindy said...

I just wanted to tell you that I think you are such a cute pregnant girl!!!! AND that I noticed the "wise words for mom's" in the windowsill.... LOVE THAT -- I have it and use it all the time!

Julie said...

Amen, sister! My girls RARELY play with their toys, they'd rather play with just about anything else. And I am also the only one who knows where anything goes. *sigh*

Love your new pic. SO CUTE.

Rachel said...

I was going to say exactly what PP did. You look great and I also noticed your Wise Words and love it.
Happy Birthday to Colin. They grow up way to fast don't they?

Jay said...


"have two little boys in this house right now who would rather play with Daddy's plumbing parts than their own toys."

Miss Wilfong would probably ask you to rewrite that sentence.

Devin said...

Let it be known: Jason is Shane's brother. Only a male would take that sentence the wrong way.

{But it is disgusting if you ARE taking it the wrong way.}

Love you Jay.

Leanne said...

That color pink looks really, really great on you.

I see, with great joy, that Peanut is growing! Yay! 12 weeks to go, hang in there!

We want to see a post on what you're craving!

And hey, just put yourself in MY place, with 7 kids, and I would say we're cleaning up around here at least 4 times a day! Come on, people! Keep the place clean!!

Take care!

The Boe's ~ said...

Great pictures. You look great! I didn't know you had to get the rogam shot too. I got those with all my, fun!

I am still laughing at your comment with the "plumbing parts"