Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hospital Days.....alternately titled Hospital Daze

We are so happy to be HOME with our little girl. Ahhhhhhh!

The hospital stay was, to tell the truth,
far from restful and peaceful. Between feeding, changing, and loving on Lola, taking care of my medical needs, eating, and the million and one members of the hospital staff that constantly seemed to be checking in on the both of us, it really felt like there wasn't a moment's peace. Daze is a great word for it, for sure. We really were thrilled to be able to get home, for so many reasons!

We were welcomed home early afternoon on Monday--and had been gone since Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. In reality, that is a long time to be away--but it felt like much longer than three days.

The main reason it seemed like an eternity was because we hadn't been able to see the boys the entire time we were gone. Due to the H1N1 scare, no one under the age of 18 was allowed in the postpartum wing of the hospital--which meant the boys were not able to come up and see us. It was really, really difficult for me, and it was very emotional to come home to those little guys who I had missed so very much!

It feels
so great to be a family of six. We truly are loving {almost} every minute--those 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30 feedings would perhaps be excluded *grin*--but mostly, everything is going very well, and we are making the transition from three to four children pretty smoothly!

I don't have a lot of time to write all about Lola's birth story, but here are a few pictures of our hospital stay. More as I get time....I promise!

One last happy shot before hard labor started

"Does this gown make my belly look fat?"
Seriously, could they make these things any uglier? Yikes.
After about 12 hours, at 3:26 a.m., little Miss Lola Claire finally made her debut.
Ummmm....can you say this Mommy was relieved? Whew.

6 pounds, 12.8 ounces!

Dr. Shepherd with his first Merritt girl!

Meeting Lola on the outside

So happy that was over and she was here!

Proud Papa....

....and Mama!

We noticed how long her tongue was *grin*

I seriously was so in love--there is just no feeling to describe holding your newborn child!!

And, yes folks--she has HAIR!
Not much, but the most of any of our children so far.
{Jury is still out on the color....}

After a couple of hours in delivery/recovery, they moved us to the postpartum room. The next morning, we spent lots and lots of hours getting to know the little miss!

Later that morning, Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa (Shane's Mom and Dad)
came up for a few hours to meet Lola! She looked so teensy tiny in Grandpa's arms!
Very proud Grandparents!

Grandma MJ (my mom) got in her fair share of cuddle time too!

Grandma MJ and I most certainly did NOT spend quite some
time trying on hats, hair bows, and headbands.

The next day, we got to see my cousin Haley.
The funniest thing I heard that entire day came from Haley, and I shall now share it with you:
"Oh, my goodness....she's so tiny! Her head is the size of the orange Mason ate for breakfast this morning!"

All wrapped up =)

More cuddle time

Shane--King of Swaddling.
He can make a baby burrito like no one's business.

{He's not at all smitten.}

Finally, on Monday morning, we were able to go home.
Lola was crying to get out of there! *giggle*

I just love her so much. Have I said that?

So much more to tell about our welcome home party. Soon....


Brittany said...

HEHE! You match her in the last picture! Is that on purpose? She's beautiful! Congratulations!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful baby girl! I think she's going to have her Daddy wrapped around her little finger in no time! :)

I must say it is not fair that you can look so good minutes after giving birth. You are both beautiful!

Love and hugs,

P.S. Thanks for the pictures! I can't wait to hear the birth story when you have time!!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Oooohhh Dev... I LOVED the post! I was dying to see pictures and you got some AWESOME ones!!!! That is just such a special time in your life! There is definitely NOTHING like meeting your child for the first time! Makes me look that much more forward to meeting our new little guy!

Congratulations again... she is beautiful!!!

Kacy =)

Carolyn said...

A little girl looks good on you :) Very sweet. Very fun. And so so special. You look just a little happy :) Congrats! Thanks for sneaking in a few minutes to show us took me over a, a few days. WAY TO GO! Keep it up...believe me, it is much easier to stay on track than to fall way behind and play catch up... Wish we could meet at those 1:30, 5:30 feeding times :) Well, I will just think about you when I am up and whisper a prayer for you, how about that! Can I say it again? Beautiful! And congrats!

Julie said...

I love all the picts and how smitten you all are with her! I love that you guys match, how sweet!! I think Shane is going to be in BIG trouble!! ...and Miss Lola is going to be watched like a Hawk (by ALL the guys in the family!) :0) All this *almost* makes me want to have another... almost.

Kathy said...

Yeah!!!!!! LOVE. IT. Love it.

Welcome home sweet girl. Praying your transition goes smoothly D. Thank you for sharing pictures of that precious girl, she is beautiful!!!!!

Can't wait see and hear more.

Thrilled for you.

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them. Feel like I've been a part of the whole wonderful few days!!

Robin Bair said...

i LOVE the hot pink sweaters! How beautiful are you? Are you sure you just had a baby? Lola looks perfect and healthy. Congrats...praying for strength, energy, healing and for 3 big bro helpers. :)

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations, Devin & Shane! What a sweet, beautiful baby girl! I love your socks in the picture where you are rocking the hospital gown *grin*
I'm so glad that the delivery went well & you are safe home. I imagine it had to be terribly hard to be away from your other littles for so long.
Great pics - thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Good gracious woman, do you EVER look bad? If I looked like you did in my post-partum pics, I might consider having more babies *just* cuz I looked so cute.


I know I've been harassing you immensely about getting some pics up...and see, it paid off! LOL

Really though, thanks for taking time to post pics and I can't wait to hear about Lola's arrival.

Kara said...

Love them all, so much to say about all the pics, but won't! She is gorgeous as are you dear friend! Love you and I will come see her soon...even if I am HUGE!

Shelly said...

how do you look so amazing after 9 months of pregnancy and 12 hours of labor!? if i didn't like you so much i would stop liking you for it =) hahah j/k.
you are both gorgeous! life with a little girl is wonderful--enjoy every second! what a beautiful blessing!!

Mindy said...

I was wondering if the Mama/Daughter Match was planned! =)
She is beautiful! glad that everyone is home and well!

Stephanie said...

So excited for this post! How absolutely precious - I am SOO pregnant, I get tears in my eyes every time I look at her! :) SO exciting to see who she is.
Glad things are transitioning well at home! You did it girl - you made it to the other side!!!! Now can we just fast forward to April? :)

Nic said...

Awww.....She is just adorable! And may I say You look awesome! You don't even look like you just had a baby =)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Such a beautiful montage of pics, Devin!! Looks like you all are sooo happy :) I love the all pink pics - I'm sure it's such a change for you since you've had all boys up to this point! Lola is just adorable and you are gorgeous as always!
Hugs and prayers,

Unknown said...

adorable! I saw colin in so many of those pics! wow! So glad she is finally here. Thanks for the update.

Karie said...


That one picture of her (towards the end) of her laying on your chest is so precious. Blow that one up and frame it--- so cute.

Lori said...

How adorable! And look, mommy and Lola have matching outfits to go home in :) Congrats Dev!

Natalie said...

absolutely love the pink ! isn't that the best :) you look amazing. Congratulations to your whole family and welcome to the world Lola

The Swenson Family :) said...

Okay....disclaimer...I did not read any of the other 20 comments, so I may be repeating someone....BUT here goes....

I've NEVER seen someone look as good as you do after just giving birth. LoL You look like you just woke up from a refreshing nap! haahah

SHE's TOTALLY wearing the Headband I gave her!!! SAWEET! :) I feel all special :)

AND....she looks EXACTLY like a Merritt!!

AND great job on the matching outifts ;) LOVE IT!