Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big birthday for one, BIG boo-boo for another

Sunday was Shane's 30th birthday. It was a BIG day!

So, in effort to celebrate a BIG day....we played on a BIG bouncy house.

We're talking huge. See the deck in comparison in this picture?

It was a super fun morning, filled with lots of jumping....

{by kids of all ages}

....lots of screeching....

....and plenty of panic attacks by Mommy!

Every one was having a great time.
Especially Daddy!
{Having a chat with E before heading down}
It's amazing how many different way boys can come up with to go down a slide.
My handsome old man love and his boys

After the bouncy house, we took rides on a trailer pulled by a four wheeler....

...and then bounced for what seemed like hours on a trampoline!

But here is where, unfortunately, the day turned ugly.

See E Ry? Having such a great time? It wouldn't be for much longer.

There was an accident, and one of his brothers got off balance. Brother went down--right on to Ethan's leg. There was crying, of course....but truly, Ethan seemed okay. He actually fell asleep in Shane's arms just a few minutes after this picture was taken.

We continued on with our birthday plans (not thinking anything was majorly wrong, of course)--heading to a restaurant about 20 minutes away for a birthday dinner. But, when we went to wake E up and get him out of the car, we discovered that he could neither bend his leg nor put any weight on it. He also had a knot right below his knee the size of his balled-up fist.

And, so....we ended our birthday celebration with a trip to the Emergency Room.

A few inconclusive x-rays and lots of tears later....a cast was going on.

{The doctor indicated a couple of things to us: there was too much fluid around the injured area for the x-ray to get a detailed and accurate picture; however, in his opinion, there was much more trauma/swelling/fluid than what would be present if this were simply a bruise or a sprain. So, he felt the appropriate thing to do was to put on this temporary cast until we could see someone in the orthopedics department.}

First layer of gauze

We had some very intent little brothers watching....

The nurse flipped E over and began to put the plaster into place....

And then there were three more layers put on.

Happy now that the Motrin has kicked in!
{Ugh, you can just see how much he has been crying--his little eyes were so swollen!}

Checking out his extra-large leg....

....and showing Colin.
"See Colin? My leg is almost as long as yours is."

The next day, we knew we needed to figure out a way to keep Ethan mobile. He is not allowed to put any weight on his leg at all until we go back to see the orthopedist. So, being the handy man he is, Shane came up with a little something.

Ethan, with his ears covered--Daddy's saw is loud!

Sanding the 'seat'--custom measured to E's leg!

Installing it in the wagon

{My poor baby--watching his brothers ride bikes in the driveway.
I could just cry for him when I look at this picture!}
We covered his 'seat' with plenty of blankets, so it would be nice and comfy

And soon, it was ready for a test run!

In we go....

Seems okay, right Ethan?

Cameron wanted to be the first one to take him for a ride.

He was starting to warm up after that!

Showing us where the pain was

And, finally, I think the picture below sums up how Ethan has been over the past couple of days. He is doing well, and seems to be in minimal pain, which is good....but I could not feel more sorry for the poor kid! Colin and Cameron have been so good with him, making sure they include him as much as they can, and pulling him from room to room (where ever they are playing at.)

There has been some movie watching and some Wii playing, and he can get down on the floor to play trains and cars. We have taken a bike ride every night, because we can put him in the bike trailer with his leg propped up, and he seems to really enjoy that. We take walks in the wagon, and I try to switch up his scenery as much as possible--but he is just constantly sitting! I can't imagine how hard that is on a three year old who just wants to play!

We would love it if you would keep Ethan in your prayers--we are praying that there would be no break when we go back to the orthopedist tomorrow, and that if there is a break, he would be able to get a walking cast. And, of course, that everything would heal properly so that there is no permanent damage.

We will be sure to update when we know something--thank you, everyone, for loving us and caring about our family!


Shannon said...

praying for that sweet boy!

Karie said...

Oh my, unreal. I cannot believe it. Poor little guy. I couldn't imagine trying to keep Cal off of his leg either. We will be praying for all of you.

Leanne said...


That last picture says it all!

Poor Man!

I was thinking, looking at the pics, of what a dream come true it must be for a Dad to get to have boys to pour himself into. Your hubby's blessed!!!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Praying for E Ry everyday :)

Kathryn said...

Poor little guy...I'm praying that his leg is not broken.

Rachel said...

Praying for that precious boy. He is too cute! Praying that his leg is not broken or that he can at least get a walking cast. So did you skip the birthday dinner? What great big brothers to include hi in everything. My girls would do the same.
Praying for you and Shane that you can continue to get creative ways to keep him occupied.

Its A Corny Life... said...

That big 'ole cast just hurts my heart! I am praying it isn't broken and looking forward to an update.

On another's college football season! Go Illini! (am I a supportive wife, or what???)

Julie said...

Thinking of you and my little birthday buddy today! Praying for the best results, and that he keeps up his siprits. No matter what the outcome, I'm sure he will make the best of it. And it looks like his brothers are going to make sure he has a great time. You have such a sweet family! :0)