Saturday, October 30, 2010

Championship Game

Today was a very exciting day.

Colin's U-8 soccer team played their hearts out in their first game this morning, and won 5-2!! It was a very tough, hard fought game and we were so proud of the boys!!

Colin playing some tough defense

 All huddled up, discussing strategy.  
{Yes, Cameron does think he is part of the team. Storm is Storm to him!}

 Lola fell asleep in the first half, so we cuddled for a while :)

 We had some fun on the sidelines....
Grandma Jane with Ethan

Gwen, Jordan and Lola

Mr. Not-So-Cooperative-Cameron *grin*, Spider-Man, and Mommy

Grandma Jane and a much more smiley Cameron

Sweet Kendyl--little girl, BIG grin!!

 Then, it was time for game #2. 
"One, two, three--STORM!"

This game was much tougher--not the team, necessarily, though they were better than we 
expected--but the kids were just tired.  Two hours of running is a lot for 6-7 year olds! 
Not even Daddy's encouragement and advice could spur Colin on--he was wiped.

We ended the game 0-0 and wound up in a sudden death shootout.

Oh my goodness gracious.

I'm not going to lie here, folks--this was about as nervewracking as it gets. In all my years of playing volleyball I was never as nervous for anything--championships and all--than I was during this game!

Colin's shot--a miss
(and all mommies groaned with me....)

Thankfully, I am happy (joyous!!) to report that we won the shootout, 2 goals to 1!!  So....we are in the championship game tomorrow!

Can I get a woooooot wooooooooooot!!??

We celebrated with a lunch out (great suggestion, my sweet Aimee!)  We were pretty high on our win.

I'm so proud of my little guy. Win or lose tomorrow, he has had an amazing 
season and it has been the most fun I have ever had at sporting events. 

 And, yes--most of the time I am keeping my eye on the kids and not the super hot coach.


Amanda Hoyt said...

Cute pink hat, Dev!
And, I think I recognize that hoodie that L is wearing!?!?!