Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Bowling and "Messican"

When we asked Ethan what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said: "Bowling practice!" (i.e.: Bowling with a real ball--not on the Wii).

When we asked him where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner, he said: "Messican!" (i.e.: Mexican).  Before we discovered about Ethan's speech and hearing issues, the child practically lived on refried beans and Mexican rice. It was all he ever wanted to eat! Before he was even two years old and WAY before he could talk well, we would pass our favorite Mexican restaurant and he would yell, "Riiiiiiiice and beeeeeeeeees!"

{He is, if I have never said this before, the cutest kid. Ever.}

So, Saturday night before his Monday birthday, we loaded up the crew and headed out to the bowling alley!

Daddy helped the boys pick out their very own ball
{while Mommy hoped that no balls would be dropped on little feet}

Colin proudly displaying his choice

Lola was content to sit and watch
{in one of her new bows!}

Ethan went first. 
That kid could barely carry the ball, let alone throw it down the length of the alley! 
But, somehow, he managed to do it 20 different times, mostly by himself.
{Observation #1: Ethan is the only child in the history of the world 
who can get zero pins while bumper bowling. *grin*}

{Observation #2: There is a good chance I could leave my lane, go to the bathroom, come back, and 
Ethan's ball still would not have rolled the entire length of the lane.}

The boys were seriously so cute. They really, really enjoyed themselves! 
This was their first time ever bowling.

Cameron had this side stance thing going on....

....but it was fairly successful! He ended up with a 67. Pretty good for a first timer.

Ethan and Daddy

This kid was crazy!
He bowled a 72, beating Cameron (and he continued to let him know about it, too....)

He even helped Mommy bowl a few times. *grin*
Observation #3: Mommies need bumpers sometimes, too.

Lola was so good...not a grouchy peep out of her the whole time!

After bowling, we headed to "Messican". E was starving--he was two-handing that quesadilla!

Everyone enjoyed the food.
{Cameron always especially enjoys the food. *giggle*}

Little Miss Lola got her very first taste of restaurant food....


It's GOOD!
{Seriously--those teeth kill me.}

Caught a cute moment between LC and her biggest bro

And, happened.
Ethan spotted the wait staff coming to our table.

He knew exactly what was going on!!

It was birthday singing time!

He just sat and grinned while the waiters sang....

....and then, he dug in to their delicious delivery!
{p.s.  Don't miss the look on Cameron's face....}

E was kind enough to share with his brothers!

All in all, it was a wonderful family day.  We had such a great night, celebrating this very special boy!!

We love you, Ethan Ryan! You are a unique child who has added something special to our home each and every day over the past four years.  Happy birthday, buddy!


Unknown said...

AWWWWW!!!!! I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!!
So happy Ethan got what he asked for on his bday!!!! He is sooo super cute!!!!!! 4 already! can you believe it??? I KNOW!

Julie said...


Also - Miss Lola looks like a sweet little elf in that close-up smiling pic. What a DOLL!