Thursday, March 17, 2011

My day in a nutshell

Woke up much too early.  Blech and phooey.

Found my baby girl in her crib with her eyes gooped shut.  Not good.

Called the doc.  Heard "Come in at 10:45" on the other end of the line.

Took poor Lola to the doctor.  Verdict--pinkeye! I couldn't believe it.  Poor baby. Eyes swollen almost shut, goo everywhere...and an ear infection to boot!  Picked up some antibiotics and eye drops--which she loves to have administered, by the way--and in about a week, we should be good to go.

Took the three littlest littles to the grocery store.  The Wal Marts, to be exact.  (Have I mentioned how much I abhor that place?)  Did well--in and out in about an hour.  Saved over $40 with coupons.  *high five*  No major problems or obstacles (for once).   Well....unless you count at the checkout, when I discovered that Lola (after putting the bananas in the front of the cart with her so they would not be smushed or damaged in any way), had eaten through the peel to get to the good stuff underneath.  


Which is when I promptly thought to myself, "Where is that child's mother, and why is she not watching her?"  I had to go *fishing* at that point, to dig said peel out of baby girl's mouth.  The cashier did not seem to care for handling slobbery bananas.

Brought everyone home.  Boys played outside (can I get a woot woot!!) while I unloaded groceries.  Hooray for you, Spring! We love you. We have missed you!!

Colin came home at 2 and is off for the next 10 days!  Even bigger woot woot!! Love that kid. Love having him home with me!

Immediately upon walking in the door, Col jetted down to his room and began digging in his piggy bank.  When questioned, he informed me that he was looking for "metal" because he was "trying to trap a leprechaun."

Well of course he is.

After being denied this particular kind of metal, he promptly found some other substance and spent the next two hours building a trap for the leprechaun.  It involved a scorpion (fake), a bike ramp (real), a spider (fake), and lots of sticks (real--broken off our of our poor tree).  He is hoping to catch him overnight, so that the little guy will lead him to some *treasure* in the morning.

**Note to self: Prepare an explanation as to how that leprechaun was too quick for Col's trap; have it ready by about 7:15 a.m.

Did the dinner/bath/bedtime thing.  At bedtime, I had the conversation of the day, which you can read about in the post below.  Yes, it deserved its own post for preservation purposes.

Gave Lola her second round of amoxicillin. Set the bottle on the counter, which Lo promptly judo kicked and consequently spilled along with all of the contents.  Guess I'll be making another call to the doc and another trip to the pharmacy in the morning?

And now, the house is quiet.  All too soon it will be alive again, bursting at the seams with activity of all kinds--so this Momma is off to get some sleep.  Gotta refuel so I can do the craziness all over again tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Dev, please tell colin that the reason he couldn't trap that man was because I saw him YESTERDAY with my very own eyes! He was in joliet at our McDonalds. NO JOKE! He was a little man dressed in a green suit with a tall green hat!If I wasn't so shocked I would have taken a picture to prove it.

oh and if lola decides to rid of the eye drops then breast milk works too. :)NO. REALLY.

Kara said...

this is like a replay of my life for the last several is always something around here with all these kids! praying you make it while Shane is gone!

ditto on the aime's breast milk sounds gross but it works!

Devin said...

Girls, I know--you are right about the breast milk. I have been doing that for several days to no has just gotten worse! Must have been a bad case or something?!