Sunday, February 26, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (2/20-2/24)

Monday, February 20

The first "real" day back after our trip. We had a good mix of fun, both outdoor (it was almost 50 degrees!) and indoor, while I got unpacked and started on laundry.

Ethan discovered a cool new thing: he can "watch 3D shows" at home.
With sunglasses.

Cameron, while washing his hands after playing outside:
"Mommy, I can read that sign. It says, 'welcome'."
Me: "Great job, Cam. You are right."
Cameron: "And, I can read it backwards. It says, 'el...come....wuh'."

Tuesday, February 21

This stretch of warm weather has been so good for my littles.  Truthfully, it would figure that we would get a winter with average temps of 50 degrees--considering I bought snowsuits for everyone last year (on clearance, of course--but still!)  But, I can't say I'm sad about it! Other than missing out of some good pics of Lola in her first snow storm....

The wonderful warmth has definitely been a blessing. 
Today, the kids went on a find and discover mission, with a mason jar and a couple of pairs of binoculars!

Lola has learned the word "Nutella" and asks for it regularly.  
I have a hard time telling her no....because when Lolee gets Nutella for lunch, so does Mommy.

It's worth the cleanup.

Last time Grandma 'Nette came down, she brought some handmade goodies for Lola and her babies. She made Lola a flannel pillow and matching blanket--and matching (smaller) ones for her babies. Lola took to them instantly and has slept with everything every nap and night since.

{You can't see the flannel blanket in this picture--it is actually under the crocheted white blanket, which was also a gift from Grandma 'Nette. It has colored blocks on each side--and on each block it has the name of one of the children. She added each name as the kids were all born.}

Wednesday, February 22

We have a shoe tie-er! Officially!, so proud of himself!
{He is not posing weird...this is mid-celebratory dance}

Thursday, February 23

Ethan: "Mommy, were you born a long time ago?"
Me: "Yes, it was many years ago, honey.  Thirty three years ago."
E: "Did you get to see Jesus back then?"
{Yikes, it wasn't that long ago....}

Pete the Policeman (a friend that I grew up with who is now a county sheriff) came over to the house, to let the boys check out his squad car! The loved every minute of it, and got to press all the buttons, light up the lights, and even talk through the loud speaker.

I'm sure the whole town heard them calling, "Momma....Moooomm-maaaaa" for several minutes! 

(I'm fairly certain people thought we were in big trouble....)

The kids insisted on a bath together. They wanted to play with their new snakes that they got as a prize the night before at church for saying a verse.

It's a tight squeeze, but they make it work.

Friday, February 24

Lola: "I no wanna pay legos!"
Ethan: "Okay, baby."
Lo: "I no want to!"
E: "Okay, baby."
Lo: "No!! I no WANT to!"
E: "Lola, you don't have to play legos!"
10 seconds later....
Lola: "I wanna pay legos! I want to!"
E, not looking up from building and not missing a beat, to me: "She's difficult."

After serving the kids lunch, and before I started my ironing, I said to Ethan:
"Ethan, can I get you anything?"
I was trying to avoid being interrupted while ironing, of course.
He responded: "Can I have a drink Mommy?"
Me: "Of course, buddy. Milk, water....juice?"
E: "Well, I'd like some juice. But not the kind that looks like pee."
I nearly spit my mouthful of water out.
I opened the door, and sure enough--that white grape juice sure did resemble a jug half full know.  And, apparently, that was enough to make E not want to drink it.Normally, I buy a fruity or grape-y kind. But white grape happened to be on sale, so that was what I got this time.

Never again.

After eating, Lola told me she was all done. I said,
"Did you clean your plate?"
She looked down and slowly responded: "Yeeeeees!"

Then I saw her moving a bit....I came over, saw this:

Then, this.

Smart cookie.