Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten Orientation

A few weeks ago, we took yet another child to his Kindergarten orientation.

It feels like we just did that! Oh....wait. :)

Ethan before getting in the car to head over. He was so very excited!

When we got there, our principal called all the new K5'ers up to a rug....

....and read them a story!

It was a cute one and they laughed all the way through it.
Little children have the best laughter.

After several housekeeping items and announcements, they did a drawing 
for book bags that were filled with school supplies.

And little Ethan won!
He walked up and back so quickly that I couldn't even snap a picture fast enough!

He was very, very excited!

(showing off the back--it lit up, and so did his face when he figured that out)

After the meeting, it was off to see his classroom. Big brothers guided the way.

(Ethan stopped to tell Mr. Fretueg thank you for the backpack. Love that kid.)

Headed down the hallway. Even Lola knows the way now.

Excited to check things out. I'm sure it looks very different when you know it's going to be your room next year, and not just your brothers'!

Talking with Mrs. Winkler

Ethan did great--and I know he is going to love Kindergarten, just like Colin and Cameron have!

Now, off to enjoy our Summer before having to say goodbye to yet another one of my children....


TDM Wendy said...

I'm not gonna lie. Your principal looks like a football coach. And that's okay.