Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cameron has always been the funniest kid. I just get the biggest kick out of the things he says and does.

His survey of "101 days of school" being no exception. 

I would like to eat: 101 fish
I would not like to eat: 101 pease {peas}
(This coincidentally was the morning after a meal of delicious fish and apparently not so delicious peas)
My parents tell me 101 times to: "Stop it." {I rolled. Just rolled.}
I tell my parents 101 times: "I want a penut buter and jelly." {True. He'd pick them over candy. Over ice cream}.
When I am 101 years old....."I will die."  Hahaaaaa! This child!!

Oh Cameron. You are the reason for my deepening laugh lines and I wouldn't trade them for the world....


Monkee said...

What a silly boy :)