Friday, March 25, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, we took a fly-by-night trip up to see our brother and sister-in-law and "the cousins".

"Mom, we can't wait to see the cousins!!", my kids shrieked in a high pitch voice told me 
(for daysanddaysanddays).
Top to bottom, L to R: Olivia (3), Ethan (4), Luke (4), Cameron (5), Colin (7), Lola (13 mo.), and Annelyse (4 mo.)

We got there and had lots of fun.  Over 48 hours of straight wear-their-mommies-out-ness.

"The cousins" plum tuckered these kids out.

Lola and Annelyse, though nine months apart and still obviously small, seem to have a special bond already.

There was hand-holding....

and smooching,

and lots of cute girlie goodness.

And have....the boys. 
Sillyness abounded.

 These two are so cute. Livy and E get along so well!
Notice the arm around the waist and the hand-holding. *grin*

Aimee and I giggled every time these two were next to each other about their size.  
Both girls, though nine months apart, were 16 pounds 10 ounces at their last checkup.
So amazing to see how God designs children--all shapes and sizes!
Love these little ladies*.
*note to self: need to teach Lo to be more lady-like in a skirt

We had a great time, guys....won't you have us back soon?


Amanda Hoyt said...

OOOOMMMMGGGG, Devin! These are the cutest pics ever! Those funny! Those sweet!
Love your family, girl!!
Oh and I really loved the sleeping in the car pics! PRICELESS!

Jason said...


Love it! Such cuties!

Jason said...

okay....that was me, Heather...sorry!