Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trophy Night

As I've said a few times before, we love that our boys are able to participate in the local summer running program. It is a great opportunity for them to do something fun and athletic, and the fact that it is free just can not be beat!

The Kennekuk Road Runners (and the event sponsors) work really hard to make "Trophy Night" a really special event for the kids, especially for those who were able to complete all seven races that year. The children who completed all the races earn large trophies with their names engraved on them, and their racing times from each week posted on the bottom; a couple of slices of free pizza, some pop, and of course, the ever popular popsicles; and recognition on stage of their efforts.

This is the stage at Lincoln Park where the event is held--and the boys and Shane, waiting for the ceremony to begin:
Waiting with Daddy

Very soon, it was time for the boys to go up on stage and wait for their names to be called.
I was so proud of them--we waited awhile, and they were so patient! Mommy, of course, used all those extra free moments to snap a few photos!

I wasn't able to snap the best photos of this, but here are the boys
going up on the stage to claim their trophies.


And Ethan, helped by his ever-watchful big brother:

The boys were so excited to show their trophies to Grandma MJ....

.....and, to get their pizza!

"Ethan, smile for Mommy!"
And, this is what I got. Such a stinker....

Me and Shane

Grandma MJ and the boys, proudly showing off their rewards

The whole fam

Back in the van, the boys just would not leave their trophies alone...they love them!

We decided one extra special treat of ice cream was in order. Ethan would like to take this opportunity to show you how much he enjoyed his cup of vanilla:

All in all, the racing season was wonderful. We are so proud of Colin, who, when all the official results were tallied, DID finish first in every single one of his races, with times ranging from his slowest of 2 minutes 21 seconds to his quickest of 2 minutes 13 seconds. {I don't think I could walk a 1/4 mile that fast. Ahem.}

I'm looking forward to many more summer seasons of racing at Lincoln Park!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peanut's first appointment

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again: Life looks very different after miscarriage.

You can enter any trauma--infant death, loss of an adult child, loss of a parent, a house burning down, a car accident--it doesn't matter what the event is. The point is how different life looks after you go through it.

Today was my first doctor's appointment for my little peanut. I was excited and scared to death. All at the same time.

I dropped my boys off at a friends house (and, may I just take this opportunity to thank the Lord for amazing friends!) and headed about 35 minutes away to my doctor. I was doing fine.

Until I entered the parking garage. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was instantly sick to my stomach. All I could think about was the what-ifs. The negatives. The 'something is not right here' scenarios.

I checked in and was called back right away. After drinking the glucose drink and answering 984 questions among 17 sheets of paperwork, I was ready for the nurse to do the heart rate check.

I laid back, and my heart started pounding.

The nurse poked and prodded with the Doppler, and....nothing.

"I don't really do this very much," she said. "Let me go get one of the nurses who has more experience, and have her come in and find it. Don't worry." she said. She knew my situation, and could see the slight panic on my face.

So, after a few moments, nurse number two comes in, and the same scenario ensued. Prodding, nudging....they were getting a heart beat here and there, but both nurses said it was too low to be the baby's--that it was probably mine they were picking up.

That's about when the tears came.

I'm 14 1/2 weeks. They should be picking up a heartbeat with no problem by this point. Oh, I can't believe this. All of this is happening again....and I was so sure this time. So sure everything was going alright. Wait.....what am I talking about? I wasn't sure. That's why I was sick in the car before I came in, for heaven's sake! And now, here I am, alone, and gonna have to go through all this all over again....

The nurses told me again not to worry. "I'm going to go get Dr. S." the nurse said.

So, they left, and I waited. I texted Shane to let him know what was going on, and he was as incredulous as I was. He comforted me as best he could, and told me he was praying.

I just stopped my entire thought process right there and began to pray. I started to think over a verse that my friend had texted me before going in the office. I knew that I could give all my cares over to Jesus, because he cared so much for me. And I did. I was still nervous, still upset, but I knew, either way, that everything was going to be okay--one way or the other.

A bit later (wow, those 'few minute' waits can seems like hours!) my doctor came in with the portable sono machine. He took one look at me, grabbed my hand, and then started in. Immediately, he said, "Girl...this baby is fine! Look at him! Wiggling all around like a mad fool in there!"

I could certainly see the wiggling, but it still seemed to me that the baby could be wiggling from all the prodding on my belly. I was still uncertain.

"So, where is the flicker? I don't see a heart beating on there--does anyone else see it?"

I never did see the heart beating on screen, but my doctor assured me that he saw it, as well as the nurse. I don't know why, but even after their assurance, I still had doubt.

Being removed from the situation, I now know what that was that was causing my doubt. That was the devil, doing his best to keep that fear instilled in me. It worked for awhile, that's for sure.

I waited around for a while, because I had some labs to be done, and then I had to meet with my Nurse Practitioner for some basic stuff. At the end of the appointment, she asked, "Do you want to hear the heartbeat one more time?"

Oh, how I did.

She went and got the Doppler. It took her a while to find it too--seems like this is just a squirmy little kid! But, find it she did, and we listened for over a minute and a half to a very strong, 138 beats per minute heartbeat.


There is nothing like that sound.

I am rejoicing today that all seems well--and that I got to both hear and see my little peanut. (Side note here: I saw a perfectly round head, the whole spine, and even the little nubs *grin* of arms and legs forming! What. A. Miracle. There are just no other words.)

Many women come and go during their prenatal appointments with no thoughts of anything negative. For three pregnancies, I was that woman. But, things have changed--for me, and for so many others who have endured tragedies. Life looks very different after a miscarriage. This, in some strange way, is now my 'new' normal.

I know there will be an element of me that will be like this every appointment. An element that fears the unknown, fears what 'could be'. But, I also know that that fear is not from God, and I am praying that He is able to take that from me and give me peace.

All in was a great day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musings

~E's little bum is so tiny that even the tiniest size of undies are massively large on him. It is more than hilarious to see your 2-year-old running around in underwear that is rolled up at the band.

~I'm becoming a master at baking zucchini bread quickly. Eight loaves down in under 25 minutes this morning....I find it goes much quicker when you have baked so many loaves that the recipe is now engrained in your head.

~It's been one of those days when I've done a lot but don't feel like I've accomplished much. OY!

~I'm craving something sweet. Always.

~It's VBS week at my church, so it's gonna be a busy one! Here's hoping this Momma has the stamina for 100 rowdy children.

~It's TROPHY night at the races! I am so excited for the boys.....lots of pics to come soon!

~I'm thinking that it is way to early in my pregnancy to have, ahem, an occasional *issue* when I sneeze. Hmmmm.....

~I'm starting the process of getting all the necessary paperwork ready for Colin to enter Kindergarten. And constantly feeling like I want to throw up about it.

~On that note, man is there a ton of information they need to know when your child enters Kindergarten! You'd think the kid was applying for the Secret Service or something. Sheesh.

~I have a husband who cares for me like I don't believe anyone else ever could. Such a hard worker, a wonderful provider....I could not ask for more, truly! I am one blessed woman.

~I am both excited and dreading my first doctor's appointment tomorrow, for various reasons. Hearing of a heartbeat--yay! Glucose test--blech! I'd appreciate your prayers!

~Speaking of prayers, I've been doing a lot of that for this little guy, who is having another rough go of things. Head on over to check out his story, if you are one of the few on this planet who hasn't already, and join me in praying for him too!

~Happy Monday to you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Helping hands only last so long

Cameron's training wheels on his bike have recently gotten very worn down, and the rubber part of the wheel on the right side is now continually falling off. So, I--or Colin--are constantly having to take the rubber and slide it back on to the actual 'wheel'. It is beginning to happen more and more frequently, as the training wheels become more worn down each day. That scenario led me to overhear this conversation:

Cameron, to Colin (after Colin had already put the rubber back on his wheel about three times):

"Col, can you please fix my wheel again? I popped a wheelie." (This is what Cameron calls it when the rubber pops off--he has 'popped a wheelie'. I've never corrected him--I'm perfectly content with him believing that he can, in fact, pop a wheelie, without him ever actually trying to pop a wheelie.)

To which, Colin replied:


"Cam-er-on, I can not fix your popped tires any more. I've been doing it for 60 years. I can only handle so much of this."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Yes" Mom challenge: Somewhere around Day 21

A few days ago, the boys and I packed a bag, headed to meet Daddy for a yummy lunch, and then did almost the unthinkable:

Skipped naps.

Alright. I'm stretching a bit. We majorly delayed and shortened naps....but it was a BIG "yes" for this nap-lovin' Momma.

There is a splash-ground that is about 20 minutes from our house, and the boys love to play there. Problem is, it is usually majorly crowded. If you don't get there by 10: 02 (the water turns on at 10 a.m.) you have to fight 437 other children to play.

It always makes me nervous because my boys are still little....and sometimes, the kids that come to play are, well, not so little.

Either way, we ventured to the splash-ground. And, we were pleasantly surprised to find only three other children there! The boys had an absolutely wonderful time, and I got several great pictures!

Ethan didn't care for the brightness of the sun, nor the chill of the he looked like this most of the time the older boys were splashin' around

Cam running through the water tube

Col splashing around

Cam shooting the water gun.....

....and blasting Col in the process!
Cheesin' for Mom
Cam's precious little grin
I certainly didn't mind all the cuddle time with Ethan....
After the boys were blue and wrinkly from the water done at the splash-ground,
we headed to the park to dry off a bit.


Apparently, the slides were a bit hot!

Cameron makin' this momma nerrrrrrrvous

E climbing--this boy is 1/4 monkey, I do believe....

We had a great time, and the boys napped like champs later--even if it was quite a bit shorter than usual!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

{Doesn't everyone gear up for games by reading a bit of Ice Age?}

Monday, July 20, 2009

Positively Perfect in Purple

Off to the last regular season game for the Grapesters....
....I sure will miss my boys in their jerseys!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Funny

Cameron: "I think I have a baby girl in my belly."

Colin: "No, buddy....that's just hot dogs."

Have a great weekend everyone--and thank you so much for all the well-wishes! We are over-the-moon about this new little one that God has given to us!