Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The boys have been participating in the Kennekuk Road Runners' Races since last summer, and they love it! It is a great chance for them to get out and expend some energy....and, one of the best parts (for Mommy and Daddy) is that it is a totally free program!

They all did really well last year, (I blogged about the boys winning their races here and here, and about their prized "ka-trophies" here), and this year they are on the same track. They all had a great first week, with Cameron and Colin both winning their races, and Ethan finishing among the earliest children!

The next week, however, we got in a bit of a rut. For some reason, Ethan teared up just as soon as the whistle blew, and, by the time he crossed the finish line, he was crying pretty heavily.

Then, sweet Cameron started his race well enough, but about halfway in, he got tripped up by one of the zillion other children who were also trying to get to the finish line and fell. That event sparked some major negativity, and he has cried almost every week since, saying he "*sniff* doesn't want to *sniff* race that far *sniff* this time."

Poor Cameron. He is tough as nails most times, but when he breaks, he really breaks! He has however, to his credit, finished his race each week--even through the tears. I'm fairly certain that the popsicle at the end of the race is his motivation. *grin*

Ethan has also run every week, but not without poochy lips, moist eyes, and at least one hand that was clinging to Daddy. The important thing is that they are both finishing.

Last week, though, I am happy to report that Cameron turned a corner--and was actually excited about racing again! He took off like a cannon when the whistle blew, got a big jump on the other boys, started to procure a lead....

....then promptly tripped, fell flat on his belly/face, and started crying.


He says, however, that next week, he is going to win.

Winning is something that Colin knows quite a bit about this season! Seems little Colin is a pretty fast dude--he placed first in his division (the 1/4 mile run) the first four weeks, and second the 5th week! We are just so proud of him. It is very exciting to see your child excel in something!

Here are a few pics from week four--the only week so far that my brain has remembered to bring my camera!

Daddy helping E "stretch"--or something like that--before the race

Cameron, doing the "Kung Fu" stretch.
Not quite sure what this is stretching, but he looks cute doing it.
Col stretching out the hammy

Here is E's typical reaction at the start of the race....

....and here he is mid-race, crying and clinging to Daddy.
At least he makes it to the end!
Here is some video of Cameron's race. You should see him about 1/2 way through....crying. He's in a green shirt and Shane is right behind him.

Like I said: the popsicle makes it all worthwhile.

E and Grandma MJ, waiting for the start of Colin's race

This is a quick clip of Colin's name being announced as last week's winner. Colin loves hearing his name announced, and always says, "So....no one else was faster than me?"

The start of Colin's race:

And Colin turning the final corner, finishing up the race:

Getting some congrats from Grandma MJ on a job well done!

There he is! This is the posting from last week's winners. His name was spelled wrong, but Colin sure didn't care!

Mommy, Grandma MJ, and the boys after the race
Cameron's attempt at a taking a picture by himself.....
....he almost got it.

All in all, the races have been a wonderful experience so far and the boys have done really well. We have two more weeks to go....and then it will be time to collect the 'ka-trophies' again!


Anonymous said...

Good job boys!!!!!!!!!!

Grandpa and Grandma Nette

Kirst said...

I love hearing about the races. I wish we had something like that here. Keep up the good works Colin, Cameron and Ethan!

Jen said...

I'm so glad that you guys have a good time. The kids look adorable as always. I am especially impressed with Colin. I think the "Little Bullet" may have a track scholarship in his future. :)

Kara said...

That is so great! I wish there was something like that here. Caden just runs laps around the yard! Your boys are cute as always!

Julie said...

How cool. I wish we had something like that here!

Leanne said...

Devin, your boys are sure cute.....

It's so weird to see moms with boys, being as we have only one and alllllll these girls.....If the Lord grants us more boys, I'll have you as an example!

And let me say that I had one of those not-even-listening moments today, just a bit ago.....I'm such a selfish person! But I hope I redeemed the situation by actually tearing my eyes away from the computer and doing what my girl wanted me to do with her.....

I have so far to go too, but I'm comforted and inspired by the fact that we, and so many others, get to walk this Mommy Path together!

Keep it up, and let me tell you also that in these cases of trying to be a "yes mom", changing your mind is going to make a huge impact on your boys!

Okay, I'm done!!

Karie said...

Good job guys. Poor E. Maybe he'll like it one day. The picture of Colin stretching was so funny.