Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musings

~E's little bum is so tiny that even the tiniest size of undies are massively large on him. It is more than hilarious to see your 2-year-old running around in underwear that is rolled up at the band.

~I'm becoming a master at baking zucchini bread quickly. Eight loaves down in under 25 minutes this morning....I find it goes much quicker when you have baked so many loaves that the recipe is now engrained in your head.

~It's been one of those days when I've done a lot but don't feel like I've accomplished much. OY!

~I'm craving something sweet. Always.

~It's VBS week at my church, so it's gonna be a busy one! Here's hoping this Momma has the stamina for 100 rowdy children.

~It's TROPHY night at the races! I am so excited for the boys.....lots of pics to come soon!

~I'm thinking that it is way to early in my pregnancy to have, ahem, an occasional *issue* when I sneeze. Hmmmm.....

~I'm starting the process of getting all the necessary paperwork ready for Colin to enter Kindergarten. And constantly feeling like I want to throw up about it.

~On that note, man is there a ton of information they need to know when your child enters Kindergarten! You'd think the kid was applying for the Secret Service or something. Sheesh.

~I have a husband who cares for me like I don't believe anyone else ever could. Such a hard worker, a wonderful provider....I could not ask for more, truly! I am one blessed woman.

~I am both excited and dreading my first doctor's appointment tomorrow, for various reasons. Hearing of a heartbeat--yay! Glucose test--blech! I'd appreciate your prayers!

~Speaking of prayers, I've been doing a lot of that for this little guy, who is having another rough go of things. Head on over to check out his story, if you are one of the few on this planet who hasn't already, and join me in praying for him too!

~Happy Monday to you!


Kathy said...

In prayer girl! Let me know how the doctor appointment goes!!!

Mary Ann said...

Devin, congrats on your coming baby! I like your list - I can identify with the feeling of being very busy & also feeling like much hasn't gotten accomplished ;-) I will pray for your doc apt!

Jen said...

Praying for your appointment today. And, I all too well remember the days of sneezing or laughing and having an unpleasant result . . . gotta love being pregnant!