Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trophy Night

As I've said a few times before, we love that our boys are able to participate in the local summer running program. It is a great opportunity for them to do something fun and athletic, and the fact that it is free just can not be beat!

The Kennekuk Road Runners (and the event sponsors) work really hard to make "Trophy Night" a really special event for the kids, especially for those who were able to complete all seven races that year. The children who completed all the races earn large trophies with their names engraved on them, and their racing times from each week posted on the bottom; a couple of slices of free pizza, some pop, and of course, the ever popular popsicles; and recognition on stage of their efforts.

This is the stage at Lincoln Park where the event is held--and the boys and Shane, waiting for the ceremony to begin:
Waiting with Daddy

Very soon, it was time for the boys to go up on stage and wait for their names to be called.
I was so proud of them--we waited awhile, and they were so patient! Mommy, of course, used all those extra free moments to snap a few photos!

I wasn't able to snap the best photos of this, but here are the boys
going up on the stage to claim their trophies.


And Ethan, helped by his ever-watchful big brother:

The boys were so excited to show their trophies to Grandma MJ....

.....and, to get their pizza!

"Ethan, smile for Mommy!"
And, this is what I got. Such a stinker....

Me and Shane

Grandma MJ and the boys, proudly showing off their rewards

The whole fam

Back in the van, the boys just would not leave their trophies alone...they love them!

We decided one extra special treat of ice cream was in order. Ethan would like to take this opportunity to show you how much he enjoyed his cup of vanilla:

All in all, the racing season was wonderful. We are so proud of Colin, who, when all the official results were tallied, DID finish first in every single one of his races, with times ranging from his slowest of 2 minutes 21 seconds to his quickest of 2 minutes 13 seconds. {I don't think I could walk a 1/4 mile that fast. Ahem.}

I'm looking forward to many more summer seasons of racing at Lincoln Park!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Ya'll are all just too cute together!
Hugs and prayers,

Laura said...

Ok, so on Facebook I said that I didn't comment on the blog but I just REALLY like this picture. You can tell they're really excited!!!

SarahMerritt said...


Thankd for stopping off at my blog! I just want to tell you how CUTE those boys are! I love the picture of Ethan! Still praying for baby peanut!


Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

You changed your side pictures- love them!! You look fantastic!! :)

This trophy night sounds like a blast!!

And, I just read your post about your doc appointment- I'm so relieved for you. I know what that feels like, too, and unless you've experienced it, words just can't begin to describe all that goes through your mind. So happy that all looks well!! Praise the Lord!! I'll be praying for you!!



Leanne said...

What a great looking family you people are!

I always cried my eyes out whenever there was an awards ceremony for my kids. Always! I turned into an emotional basket case every time! Glad those days are over for me, as we now homeschool and with 7 kids, I'd be running tither and yon if we had everyone involved in this and that!

Great photos!