Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Yes" Mom Challenge: Day 14

On tap today:

Getting lots of "help" while making zucchini bread, including letting Colin crack all of the eggs by himself (and spilling, ahem, a bit on his shorts....) and letting Cameron measure and pour most of the dry ingredients into the mixer (which I later mopped up off the counter and threw into the mixer bowl--it made it in, and that's all that counts!)

Sand--*see below!*

Pushing the boys on our swings--for hours, it seemed....

Bike ride to see the local Coy fish pond


Extra books at rest time

NAPS by all three boys!

Outside for some baseball and fun with Daddy

Back in for a yummy supper

An extra-long, extra-scrubby bath

More books....because they asked....



Great day.


Jen said...

I love the picture of E flat on his belly playing with the truck. That is the same pose he spends most of his time in when he is at my house!

Mindy said...

Hi there. I am new here....I don't even remember where I started to get here....=) I just wanted to say that your family is precious!