Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another week, another winner

These races the boys have been doing on Monday nights have been so much fun.

Cameron came in second in his race last week, but this week.....


You should see this child run. They blow that whistle and he absolutely just takes off!

It is so unbelievably cute.

Ethan did great on his race as well--no tears, which is always an accomplishment, and actually this week, we had no hand-holding--he ran all by himself (without having to be pulled guided along by Mommy or Daddy)....and he was actually smiling most of the time!

Colin did great too--he was 10th out of 42 children with a time of 2:40--his fastest time yet! Next week is the trophy night--All three boys should be getting either a plaque or a trophy for completing 6 of the 7 runs!

We love you boys, you've had a GREAT season and Mommy and Daddy are proud of you!!


Kenzie said...


Hey girl. Sorry I've been absent for so long... crazy times! :) Just wanted to say that I always LOVE coming here to read about the boys funnies and see their beautiful faces. I am AMAZED at how well the return dentist visit went... what sweet little angels... just as you mentioned! That is awesome! Have a wonderful day! Love ya lots!