Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Arrrrrrrrrrr me boys EVER going to stop embarrassin' me?!

(For Aimee, who wondered where Colin's comical interjections were yesterday during our Wal-Mart fiasco....don't worry Aim, Colin is still most certainly Colin.)

The boys and I ventured out to the grocery store today. Just a quick trip for a few things.

After we were all done at the register, I got the groceries loaded. Then I re-loaded the boys into and onto the cart--Ethan in the front, of course, and Colin and Cameron doing the "stand-on-the-back-footbar-and-hang-onto-the-end-of-the-basket" thing.

The boys were gleeful--they love riding on the back of the cart. They were just having a grand ol' time.

As we were coming out of the store, we passed a man who was going in to the store. The previously lighthearted 'conversation' between my two oldest boys came to a screeching halt as they both simultaneously diverted their attention and locked their eyes on 'him'.

This man was very tall. He had long, dark, wavy hair that was streaked in some places with gray. He was scruffy--not in a bum-off-the-street sort of way, but in an I-haven't-shaved-in-about-72-hours sort of way.

And, he was wearing a red bandanna.

Now, I instantly thought "biker dude."

Colin had another idea. Picture this being said at about an eight on a one-to-ten loudness scale: "Look Mom! A pirate!"

I wanted to crawl into the back of the cart.

To make matters worse, Cameron chimed in as well, almost immediately after Colin's exclamation, at about a nine on the scale: "Arrrrrrrgh!"

Shiver me timbers. I wanted to walk the plank die at that moment. Just die.

This poor man, whomever he was, either was 1. stone deaf or, as I would like to think, 2. a really nice gentleman who wanted to preserve the one ounce of dignity that I had left in me, so he pretended not to hear my boys.

The boys were, by this time, dying laughing at each other and yelling, "Arrrrrgh! Arrrrrrgh!" back and forth.

"We're pirates too, Mom!" says Col.

I am, at this point, running as fast as I can to get to our car while attempting to not crash navigate a cart that is loaded down with groceries, one baby, and two pirates boys.

A few minutes later, once safely in the confines of our van, I begin calmly trying to explain to Colin why we don't say things like that out loud in public. "It's not polite Colin. We can't call people names like that."

After thinking for a moment, Colin innocently responds.

"But Mom.....what are we supposed to say to pirates?"


Unknown said...

oh dev I am laughing so hard and loud right now i am surprised no one is waking up! too funny! I knew he couldn't let me down. oh that is just hilarious! I should definitely send this one to the girl talk blog for their friday funnies!!!! oh that makes me really laugh!

Julie said...

LOVE IT! I guess of all the things they called the guy, "pirate" isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dev--It's Jen. I don't know how to get myself a real identity at the moment, but I had to comment. This is so cute! I can hear both Colin and Cameron saying those things!! Sometimes you want to admire kids for their pure honesty, yet at that same time you want to hide! I also appreciated your WalMart experience. You gotta love WalMart!

PS--Brooklyn was looking over my shoulder at the computer and saw the picture of the boys without their shirts on the side bar. She said, "Colin and Cameron and Ethan. They MY friends. They nakie! (her word for naked).

Anonymous said...

Hey Devin...I have found your blog and enjoyed seeing the pictures of the boys! We have SOOO got to get the kids together. I think they would have a blast playing together! Mine are very embarrassing at times too! We could probably really cause a scene between the 9 of them! We had a "cowboy" incident actually yesterday. How can you not just laugh though?!??! Drop in on myspace and let me know if you want to set up a playdate! Talk to you soon!

Kara said...

I am just waiting for one of those moments...I dread it actually! But they are funny and using their imaginations right!

Thanks for the birthday wishes...I hope yours comes true:)

The Colorado Carrs said...

Oh my word that is hilarious!! Isnt it amazing what those little minds come up with!

Karie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! What do your boys NOT think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the funniest thing I have heard. I am a little scared for when Reese starts voicing things like that loudly. You get embarrassed, but they make for great stories.

Shelly said...

oh man, that is hilarious and horrible. your pirate boys rock and are seriously adorable--glad to have found your blog!