Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taco night

It's always been a favorite night at our house of Colin and Cameron's.... Ethan is finally getting into the groove!!

Learning to use his spoon!
He likes to turn it upside down before it gets to his mouth, so sticky things like refried beans work really compared to cereal with milk :-(

Sometimes the spoon....sometimes his fingers, whatever gets the job done
It looks like absolute slop in the bowl, doesn't it? *giggle*

Yay for Ethan! (a common phrase at our table when this child actually eats something, usually accompanied by lots of clapping)
Cameron enjoyed himself, too, of course

It was determined by our three extremely full and completely messy boys that dinner was a success!


Anonymous said...

Devin- You three very happy, handsome young gentlemen. Way to go!

Unknown said...

ok dev I am telling you that I am copying you with your post about baby stellan. I have been talking to my small group ladies about it and since they keep asking me I figured I would make it easy access for them so thanks for the awesome idea. your's looks great! don't know how you have all that time for what you do but sheesh girl. hope you are feeling better with that mouth of yours and hopefully see you tuesday!

Kara said...

I here you about the spoon...why do they turn it upside down? I love all the pics, they are so good, I am definitely wanting a camera like yours! I told my two best friends about it again today!

. said...

I'm glad to hear he is eating better for you. I love when babys do the spoon turning thing, it is so silly. My kids were always like Hey, where did my food go!?! (Brody has the same bib, (and chair) except today he is wearing the same bib in pink! That's what happens when you bib is too dirty and you have older sisters!!)

. said...
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