Friday, July 18, 2008

Morning 'funnies'

So, I'll leave you with a "funny" before I go.....

Cameron asked this morning if he could pray for breakfast. Usually, his prayers are short, and cover thanking Jesus for Mommy, Daddy, Colin, Cameron *grin*, and Ethan, and thanking Jesus for the food.

I'm not sure what got into him this morning, but he prayed for absolutely everything under the sun.

"Dear Jesus,

Thank You for Mommy, and Daddy, and Colin, and Ethan, and Cameron

Thank You for this food

Thank You for our table, and our chairs

Thank You for Grandma

Thank You for our green beans

Thank You for our toys, and our beds, and our bay-bays (blankets)

Thank You for our pool, and our 'quirt guns

Thank You for our 'sip and side (slip and slide)

Thank You for Daddy and he making money so we can eat food

Thank You for our keeny (zucchini) bread....."

He went on and on like this for almost 3-4 minutes. It was the longest prayer he has ever said at the table.

"....and thank you for our food. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Colin looks up, looks over and me, then looks at Cameron and says,

"Goodness gracious, Cameron. I was starting to fall asleep from all that praying!!"


. said...

Reminds me of Reygann last week... I had to nuke our food because she prayed for so long!!! :0)