Sunday, July 27, 2008

For you sweet friends who've asked about me.....

Apparently, I was a little confused on the whole 'dry socket' issue.

I thought, when I went in last Tuesday and the oral surgeon packed my teeth (or, I should say, lack of teeth) with gauze, that that was it--the dry socket was taken care of. Translation--that there would be no more pain to endure.

I was wrong.

The medicine in the gauze, it turns out, wears off after about 24 I had to go back Thursday AND Friday (and again tomorrow) to have it changed and re-packed. Basically, there is a numbing medicine on this gauze, which keeps me, for the most part, pain free. Then, it buys my gums time to grow new tissue and heal, so that I am not a total whacked-out-on-pain-and pain-meds-zombie. Until the tissue completely heals itself, though, there will still be pain.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be the last time I have to go in, but I am still (off-and-on) in a considerable amount of it may still take a few more days. I'm still on the ibuprofen, and occasionally the Vicodin when it gets really bad. It is lessening--much slower than I would like--but I am getting there.

I seriously think I would rather go through childbirth than the pain and after pain of having wisdom teeth pulled.

BLEH again.