Friday, June 20, 2008

Off to the races

For the last three Mondays, our boys have been involved in one of the cutest things yet.

There are 'races' held in our town by a group called the Kennekuk Road Runners. They put on a program every summer called Kennekuk Kids for children of all ages to come out to the park and race. It's a great idea to promote physical fitness/activity. And the best part?

It's free.

This is great, because, as my friend Steph said, "If you're having a bad day, or you are rushed and just can't get there for some reason or another, you're not losing out on any money." It's nice to know that this is something we can look forward to each week, but if we have to miss it for some reason (like being gone on vacation next week) we aren't throwing money down the drain.

They hand out ribbons to each child who completes the race (that is, crosses the finish line by some method....that could include being dragged/carried by Mommy or Daddy *giggle*).


They give popsicles.

Now, literally, these races are for all ages. Ethan's actual category is called the 0 to 1-year-old tot trot. No kidding. It is a 25 yard 'race', in which parents basically beg their scared-to-death toddler to run from here to there without crying, throwing a temper tantrum (because they "just don't want to!"), or having an absolute meltdown of gigantic proportions.

In the three weeks we've been going, I've seen all of the above.

We've had our share of mishaps....this past week (week #3) Colin.....well, we aren't really sure if he tripped or (his version) if he was pushed, but either way, he went down and it wasn't pretty. Colin instantly got all "I don't want to do this anymore"-ish, and Shane and I had to hold his hand and do that 'dragging across the finish line thing' that I mentioned above.

He made it across.....though I'm quite certain he didn't beat his time from the previous week. :) But, other than that, he has done great! From week one to week two he shaved a whole 11 seconds off his time. That's pretty impressive for a four-year-old. Week two he ran 1/4 mile + 55 yards in 2 minutes and 45 seconds!

Cameron and Ethan have gotten progressively better each week as well. Ethan actually made it the whole 25 yards this week without shedding one single tear! Many of the children that age seem to be criers, though I am convinced it has nothing to do with the race itself.

These kids are like, two feet tall--imagine things from their perspective. Everything is all quiet and calm.....a whistle is blown.....and then suddenly everyone around them starts screaming at the top of their lungs.

I'd be scared to death, too.

Cameron is actually surprisingly fast. I didn't realize he had that sort of speed in him! When that whistle blows, he takes off....and is usually one of the first ones to get across the finish line.

I'm sure that has nothing to do with the popsicle that is waiting at the other end. *giggle*

So, here are some shots from over the last 3 weeks of the Merritt runners!

Week one....our first actual race night!

The all important 'warm-up' time....stretching!
Daddy and E right before the race....Ethan's not so sure about this!

Cameron at the finish line.
Apparently, the ribbon is not all that exciting....
....but the popsicle sure makes up for that!
My big boy Colin at the starting line.....running 1/4 mile, + 55 yards!

Halfway there! I know it is difficult to see (I took this pic from very far away) but Colin is right in front of the stop sign in the white shirt! Shane is 'the tallest of the children'--the bald guy right to the left of the tree! *giggle*

All done! A successful race....13th place out of 30 children, with a time of 2:56!
I was just soooooo proud of him!

Week two....

Ethan on take off!
And after, enjoying his popsicle with Daddy and his big bro!

E with Grandma MJ after his race, waiting on Cameron's turn!

Colin, at the starting line, giving me what looks to be the stinkeye....
Actually, he was winking at me and telling me he was ready to GO!

All done....high five to Daddy!!

Proudly displaying their ribbons....
Colin did fabulous on this run. He was 12th out of 37 children, with a time of 2:45!

Celebration afterwards, out to eat at Monical's Pizza!
Daddy and Cameron
Mommy and Colin

Daddy, Ethan, and Mommy

Week three....

More stretching!
E wanting his popsicle desperately.....

....but then discovering it might just be too cold for him!

Col 'cheesing' for the camera

Becoming more and more proud of that ribbon each week.....

....but it will just never be as good as a popsicle!
By the way....the road runners keep track every week of the results from the races and they take lots of pictures. By clicking on the Kennekuk link at the top of the post, it will take you to the page where the results and all the pictures are! The boys were in several pics from week one--#31-33, 43, 52, 53, 58, and 95 if you'd like to see them!


Karie said...

How adorable! What a fun idea.

Kirst said...

What a great idea! I wish we had something like that here.

Kara said...

That is such a cool thing! My two would love something like that, they race around the house making laps daily! Looks like your boys did very well! You shoudl be one proud momma!

. said...

That's awesome! I should tell my town about this! How fun!