Sunday, June 8, 2008

The cure for the picky eater

On Thursday night, Ethan was officially cured of his "I don't want to eat any solid food" stage.

How did we do it, you ask?

One word.

Yes, that's right folks....our little Ethan has finally figured out what he was missing! All with a little bit of help from our favorite pizza in the whole entire world--Giordano's authentic, deep dish, Chicago-style pizza! Shane got me hooked on this pizza when we were dating (almost 10 years ago now) and we've been cramming down the cheesy goodness every time we visit Chicago ever since then!

And no, we didn't drive clear to Chicago to get it....Shane's mom and dad were gracious enough to bring one down to us the last time they visited (thanks Lynette and Roger!), and we were saving it for a special night. Truth be told, there was nothing actually special about Thursday night....I just didn't feel like cooking. *giggle*

We started with 'just a bite', but after several of those, he quickly progressed to an entire slice, just for him! (By the way, the clean face lasted for approximately four seconds after I gave him this slice....then it was all over!)
Digging in

"Mmmmmmm....surprisingly Mother, this time you have succeeded in giving me something I will eat."

"Seriously Mom, why on earth didn't you give me this a LONG time ago?"

"Dad, I see why you guys like this stuff so much. This may even be better than Triscuits."

"Let me just get one more piece shoved in here...."

"Mom, I would venture to say that you need to feed this to me more often."

One happy, pizza covered, real-food-eating boy (with even happier parents)!
By the way, for those of you that know Giordano's pizza, would you believe that Colin and Cameron ate one whole slice of that pizza EACH? We have one slice left out of a large pizza. Yikes. What on earth am I going to do when they are teenagers?!?


Kara said...

Love it! Isn't it amazing when they discover what they like! Carter loves pizza too!

Rachel said...

What a smart little guy he is. He knew what food was worth eating. Maybe he is not picky he just has great taste. I love Giordano's Pizza and now you have me wanting some, however I am currently living in PA and have none around here. I can't believe your boys ate a whole piece, yes that pizza is so much more filling then regular pizza with all that yummy cheese. I can usually only eat one piece myself.