Friday, June 20, 2008

Races videos

Here are some videos to enjoy as well!

**By the way, I am sorry if any of the video quality is poor....I was trying to keep Colin next to me, hold Ethan, watch the races, help with popsicles, take pictures, keep track of Cameron, or all of the above while also trying to get everything on video! :-)**

Ethan, race #3 (It is difficult to see E and Daddy at first....Ethan is in red and Shane is in a white ball they get closer you will be able to pick them out!) No tears this time, only big smiles!

Colin, homestretch of race #2 (he is in blue tank and blue shorts)

Colin at the starting line, race #3

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Cameron's very first race. On this one, it takes about 45 seconds for the race to actually start....but it is worth the wait to watch! :-) It was so cute....he had no idea where to go, so he just ran straight to me. He figured out where the finish line was by week two though!


Karie said...

Those are too cute!