Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Last weekend, we were able to take a quick trip up north for Shane's Dad's birthday weekend.

Grandma 'Nette had a great time cuddling with Lola!
The first pic I took was sooooo good--but blurry!

There...that's better!

Lola--while under Daddy's a certain someone's obvious close supervision--
snuck a bit of the cake before Grandpa could!

Blowing out the candles on his B-I-G 6-0!!!
{Despite his age, he was able to get the candle snuffed out in just one breath.}

After her first taste, Lo was all about finding ways to sneak more--
even if it meant crawling across the table to get to Livy's!

Uncle Rog looks a lot like Shane...and Lola would snuggle with him like she does her Daddy. So cute!

I wanted so badly to get a good shot of Grandma and Grandpa with our clan.
"E, smile! No, that looks like you're crying...Cameron, natural smile, honey--don't force it. Col, peek your head out behind Lo, I can't see you! Loooooolllllaaaa, it's okay baby! Smile for Mommy!"

"Ethan, stop scowling, buddy! Col, Cam, good smiles...Lo-LA!! What is the matter baby girl? No, Grandpa, gotta be ready at all times...look up here!"

"C'mon guys!! PLEASE?!?!.....Just smile for Mommy....oh, forget it. Sheesh."

We moved on from picture taking to gift opening.  All the kids were great helpers, of course!

Cameron loved Grandpa's new pants, apparently.

And Luke liked Grandpa's shoes!

Lola and Livy played--oddly enough--with a snake during most of the afternoon.
Stretchy...rubber....fake...but gross nonetheless.

They seemed to enjoy, whatever, I suppose.
(I think both girls just knew, subconsciously, that it bothered me--
therefore, it made them want to play with it all the more.

"Look Mom. A snake. Hahaaaahhhaha."
Little stinker.

After snake peek-a-boo, Lolee girl found herself...Grandpa's shoebox.
"Hmmm...what have we here?"


a-boo, Grandpa!!

Then she discovered that she could fit inside the box.
Now the real fun begins!

Needless to say, we had good food, good family time, and lots of fun!

And we did get that good family shot--plus an extra couple of very cute cousins in there, too!

And of course, we couldn't leave out our snake.


Julie said...

I love the naration Dev. You are always so clever! :0)

Unknown said...

awww thanks dev! I am so glad you did this so I could see how the day went. mine was filled with saltines, sprite, sleep and NO CAKE!!!
thanks for the pics and the sneak pic of rog holding Lola! so sweet!!!! I'd say he needs another one but he has one 9 months younger. :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Love the pics and the commentary LOL
Love you