Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We'll miss you....but we'll see you again

This week, we lost a pillar in our church.

Abbie Childers went home to be with Jesus after 84 years on this earth--60 of them spent with his amazing wife, Retta.

We've had conversations with the boys before about death, and we've done so again these past few days.  They know that Abbie loved Jesus more than anything, and that he was now in Heaven with the God he has served for so many years.

Tonight, just before leaving for the visitation, I talked to Colin and Cameron. They knew Abbie, and we wanted to give them the opportunity to go and say goodbye to him at the funeral home.

When I asked Cameron,

"Honey, do you want to go with me and see Abbie one last time, and say goodbye to him?"

He happily replied,

"Nope, Momma! I'll just see him in heaven."

What a glorious perspective. Cameron knows he's a child of God--there is no doubt in his mind that he will be in heaven when he dies.  And he knows he'll be seeing Abbie again, once he gets there.

I'm so thankful God makes his way so simple, that even children can understand it.