Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April showers . . . . more like torrential downpours

So, ummmm....it's rained a bit the last few days in our little corner of the world....


Leanne said...

Wow Devin, that looks like our place about two weeks ago! You'd think ya'll lived in the Pacific Northwest with that action. I do hope the sun comes out for you guys soon.

By the way, your family is so good looking! Radiant and joyful, and such a blessing to see! Lola looks like she's saying, "No, I'M the best looking! Can't you TELL???!!!" Ha!!

You encourage me! Just want you to know. Talk soon!

Kara said...

Send it to us...one of my friends here posted on fb today that is hasn't rained more than 1/25 of an inch in 163 days. RIDICULOUS!