Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

Despite what seems to be our 'normal' sickness, we had a really great weekend.

Colin is starting baseball--tomorrow!--and, 
in honor of his team,
we got some new CUBS gear!

{Side note--I love you, Kohl's cash. Amen.}

Cameron and Ethan couldn't wait to put their new shirts on. It was the first sentence out of Cam's mouth this morning.  (Truth be told, he wanted to wear his shirt to bed last night....)

Dear Baseball season: My boys are ready for you.

Speaking of Cameron--this child has come into a 'questioning everything' stage. If I tell him the sky is blue, he'll say, "No it's not's blue with white clouds in it."  He's not necessarily being disrespectful--more like he is just trying to figure everything out for himself.  Colin has always been the child that will take his parents' words for gospel; Cameron, apparently, is an 'experience it for myself to know right from wrong' kind of kid. It terrifies me a bit....I don't know how to parent a child like this without ending up majorly frustrated (both at him, and my inability to know how to teach him)! Any tips?

Ethan is becoming so funny lately.  Cam's always been the clown around the house, but E's had a few zingers this week:
~"Mom, you're such a funny kid."
~(Coming outside when it's pitch dark and looking into the sky) "Mom!! I can't see God!"
~"Mom, do you know how old God is? He's a-fin-i-ty." (infinity)
Smart kid.

Lo and I had such fun opening our box from Amanda.  
I'll do a post on it later, but here's a sneak peak at a couple of things that were inside:
(shoes--fascinating to baby)

(boutique hat--fascinating to Mommy)

Speaking of Lola....I officially have a toddler. 

As in, toddling around upright on her feet....


Sheri Burns said...

Oh my gosh, what a cutie!