Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Accesorize, baby!!

I am convinced that girls are born with an ingrained desire to accessorize.

I never, ever saw it with my boys.

A love of shoes, purses, hairbows, hats, earrings....

....and necklaces.

Some girls wear many different pieces. 
Casual pieces daily, silver once in awhile, gold or pearls on special occasions.

And others like to stick with one solid piece that
just has the ability to go with everything she puts on.

"Oh mother.  Pish posh!!  It's not necklaces.  It's necklace."

And that one piece has to be able to transfer from one event to another.

From tea parties....

....to evening wear,

it must be appropriate day and night.

No matter if you are at play....

....on the run....

...or venturing out somewhere you aren't normally used to going,
a good foundational piece of jewelry can give you all the confidence you need.

One condition: It must be able to be put on with ease.

Slip it on, and you're good to go.

Jewelry--it just makes a girl happy, man.


Sandy said...

soo cute! Reesie would have them pulled off, broken all over the floor! I like the one when one of the big brothers is wearing beads!

Kathy said...


Love her! She is getting so big! Love this post!!!! The girl can accessorize! So beautiful D. Love and prayers friend. xoxo

Shelly said...

she's stunning! what a fashionista!! ((makes me feel like i need another girl!!)) =)

Julie said...

SO cute! Love that girl. Wish we could have seen you this weekend when we were in IL. :(

Karie said...

Oh my goodness, I just wanna squeeze her. I love her shoes in the last pic. I CANNOT believe her hair is in a pony, she's growing up way too fast.

Kim in NJ said...

One of my favorite posts of yours.