Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colin's 8th birthday . . . continued

The day after Colin's birthday, most of us in the house started passing around a case of the yuckies. Some had this, and some had that....and it was over a week before we were all feeling back to normal! As soon as we were, though, it was time for the rest of Colin's birthday celebration!

Ethan and Cameron each wrapped their present to Colin, purchased with their very own money. My family and I are the janitors of our church, so for several months now, the boys have each been earning a couple of dollars a week helping us clean. It has been a wonderful learning process, showing them how far (and how not-so-far!) a dollar goes.

 You can believe that shelling out $3.50 for these CARS cars was both joyful and difficult. 
They realize now just how long it takes to earn that money!

Ethan clearly gets his wrapping prowess from his mother. 

{Just crumple it all up, buddy. It's still just as fun to open!}

Colin chose Pizza Hut (shudder) so that's where we went for the birthday feast.

Lo was apparently getting really hungry waiting on that pizza....

Colin snuck Grandma Jane's glasses! *giggle*
{I think they make him look like me....}

Ethan, as shy as usual

And, of course....Mr. Cutler.

Colin was so excited to open and find two new CARS cars!
The boys had so much fun giving them to him, too!

The big surprise came a few moments later. Colin has been saving and saving his cleaning money for an mp3 player. It has been all he has talked about for weeks now.  At the last minute, Shane found a really inexpensive used one, and were able to get it for Colin. He was overjoyed!!

After supper, Shane took the boys over to the steal-your-money crane machine....

....helped them figure out how to do the controls....

...and lo and behold, a few minutes later, we were taking home a new Illini football player and a weird skull-ghost-biker man.

The story behind this picture warms my heart, too....Colin tried once, then again, then again, and was not able to get anything from the crane. Cameron, on his first try, pulled two out. This caused a few tears, of course--but Colin's tears didn't last long, because his brother promptly handed over one of the prizes. 

Love my little tender-hearted Cameron.

We had a great time celebrating Colin! 
We all love him so much, and are enjoying each day, watching the man that he is becoming.

We love you Col! Happy 8th birthday!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Beautiful. Your family = beautiful!
I didn't know about your church "job." That is way cool! The kids are going to learn so much from that!
love you lady!

lovinsanta said...

Love the pictures and the great lessons your boys are learning. I love the Bears jersey Cameron is sporting. Jay Cutler graduated from our town. He attended the high school that my kids will go, and comes to town (Santa Claus) about once a year to do signings. Our kids also play on the Jay Cutler field for baseball.

Heather in IN