Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Eve program at Grape Creek

For the past four years, we have had a children's program at our church on Christmas Eve, and I have had the privilege of directing it. This year was absolutely the most fun I have had yet--the program we did was wonderful! Plus, with all of 'my' church children getting older, we can do more things. It just keeps getting better and better!

My friends were gracious to take some pictures for me, since I was directing.

Ethan, heading up to the stage--all smiles! 
You will see that is a common theme throughout the evening.

He marched right up to his spot, beaming the whole time. 
He was one of the youngest on the stage, but you sure wouldn't know it by how grown-up he acted!

A moment later, Colin and Cameron filed in behind him.
{Colin's expression kills me!}

There they are! The children of Grape Creek Baptist Church.

Ethan, making his way up to the microphone for his line.
You will notice in many of the pictures that his hands didn't leave his pockets the whole time.

Ethan, Wyatt (middle, son of one of my best friends), and Cameron all had lines regarding the shepherds.
Ethan: "They were poor!"
Wyatt: "They were outcasts!"
Cameron: "They were definitely at the bottom of the food chain!"
There were lots of giggles from those three adorable lines!

Later, Chloe (daughter of same said friend) and Colin said their lines.

Instead of going back to his seat when his line was done, Colin stayed at the microphone. 
I was so proud of him--he sang a solo (his second ever--last year he sang one in the adult program) 
and did a wonderful job. No nervousness here--he has clearly fallen FAR from the tree on that one.

The boys' cousin Mason (my cousin Haley's son) had some lines too!

This looks semi-dorky. But it's just how I roll. *grin*

I had to end this post with the memories I have of Ethan. 

Being the director, I have to focus on all of the children--but, even if he was not my son, Ethan just could not help but stand out. This child worked so hard learning all of the words of all five songs we sung. He listened to the CD over and over (and over and over) until he knew the lyrics better than I did! And he sand his little heart out that night. 

I have--I counted--21 pictures that include him, with almost this exact same expression in every shot: mouth open wide, singing and smiling! So many others commented to me also, how well he sung and knew the words. 

As a singer myself, I feel so blessed that God has given me 
a little guy who loves to do something that I love too!

And who is so CUTE doing it!