Sunday, March 18, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (3-12/3-16)

Monday, March 12

We headed back to the doc for a checkup. Lola's ears were much better, but still not clear--
which surprised our doc, considering how powerful the shots were that she received.

 Lola may have to see an ENT if things don't improve.  We are giving her some zyrtec to help
with her fluid and will go back in two weeks to check things out again. If she is still not clear,
we will not get the go ahead for her surgery--so please pray with us that this medicine helps her
and that she is all better by next week!

Another beautiful afternoon led to some more baseball practice after school.

Lola watched from her bike. She loves this bike and could ride for hours....

Such concentration and power :)

That night, we had Tortellini Soup and sandwiches for dinner. This in itself is nothing big, but the fact that Colin repeatedly kept asking for more "toot-el-ini" had me cracking right up. Under my breath, of course--because I am pretty sure I don't ever want him to say it the right way.

Before bed, we had some fun with Colin's new light saber. It's pretty realistic!!

Tuesday, March 13

I wanted to snap a picture of the kids outside, since it was so beautiful!
Yeah. It was also so bright. *grin*

We took a trip to the park! Such a gorgeous day.

Some fun on the hippo....

....and on the slide!

Ethan was so good with Lo. He was careful to "help" her on everything!

Then, that night, Grandma Jane came out for bike rides and a family dinner. I was having way too much fun to snap any pictures--so Mom, since I know you are reading this, please come out again this week so I can snap a few! *grin*

Wednesday, March 14

Lola and Ethan spent a good part of the morning out in our field....

 searching for dandelions sticks rocks treasures.

Then it was time for her Lola's new favorite adventure: the climbing wall.
I'm sure it's hard to notice, but she donned her brother's special mohawk hat 
for most of the morning and refused to take it off.



So proud of her little self.

 My daffodils are getting awfully close!

That night, for a special treat, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner!
I've made a deal with the boys. 
I will take a shot (or six) like this....

....and they, in turn, will give me a shot like this.
Pretty fair trade, I'd say!

 Lola and I enjoyed scarfing some chips and salsa!


I really appreciated Shane taking us out....sometimes, it is just so nice to 
have a night off of cooking and cleanup duty!

Thursday, March 15

I've been trying to be an early riser to exercise and have my quiet time with God before the 
kids wake and the stress of the day begins....and was treated to a beautiful sunrise this morning!

We did a few errands, and had some great friends over to play!
Colin showed Aiden how to use the light saber....

....he was a pro in no time!

 Brooklyn had some fun swinging with Lola.

Snapped this picture of Ethan....I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love this shot!

And, one day later, my daffodils were in full bloom and gorgeous.

Friday, March 16

My sweeties looking a bit tired before heading off to school.
Someone was up too late the night before watching March Madness!

Lola and Ethan and I went to another park during the morning. It is just so beautiful that it is hard not to be outside!  Lola likes to give Mommy heart attacks on the playground equipment.



She is always so excited when she gets to do things just like her big brothers, but 
I am just not sure I am ready for her to be this grown up!

It was an absolutely perfect morning with my babies!

After the park, it was home for rest time and packing for this Momma.....I was headed to Hearts at Home!!


Leanne said...

tell us all about Hearts at Home, okay??

Loooove that camera. Great shots.

Amanda Hoyt said...

oh wow! so many comments I could leave...
1) that Lolee girl is growing up WAY too fast, lady!
2) she and E look like they have so much fun together and he is SO cute helping her!
3) LC has HAIR that gets STATIC! So fun! :)
4)LC and E look like twins at the doctor!
5)you say her shoe size is still "small" but those tennies look big! what size are they?
6)the rock wall?!? that's a heart attack in a half for me :) :)
love ya'll