Monday, April 9, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (4/2-4/6)

Monday, April 2

This day was pretty much wrapped up and all consumed by Lola's surgery....and I think I've given enough detail about that!

Tuesday, April 3

Lola was a much, much happier camper, and her eye was already looking much better!
Most importantly--her mood was greatly improved!

We even were able to take a trip to my kids' favorite place on earth: the park. While we were there, I overheard Ethan whispering to Lola: "If we play and dig in the rocks, Mommy will have to let us take a bath tonight Lola."
And later that night, guess what? *grin*

Then, a few moments later, I heard Ethan:
"Mom!! Lola just peed in the bathtub!"
Now, I will admit, I was tired and didn't really feel like dealing with too much else at the moment (as I happened to be "putting out a fire" elsewhere) so I yelled to Ethan, "It's okay, buddy."  I was hoping to pacify him, but a moment later, I heard:
"NO!'s NOT!!"
So, the bathtub was drained and on went the shower.

After the bath, we took Lo's bandage off, and her eye was starting to open up again!

Wednesday, April 4
Each day we are seeing progress!
A little more open, and a little less bruised today.

Since Lola was feeling better, we decided to do our errands. You know how that goes--a whole morning and half the afternoon was gone before we knew it. Then came dinner, church, church cleaning, then back to bed to get up and start all over again!

Thursday, April 5

Overheard Ethan whisper to Lola: "I love you so much make me happy." Melted my heart.

We welcomed the Cubs back on opening day....

(which unfortunately did not help them win.)

.....and we did a few puzzles.

The boys came home from school at 11:30. Cameron brought me something special his class had made!

I took Lola to the potty and when she finished, she said: "I get my MM!!" I just looked at her and didn't say anything, because this is becoming her that she really is fully trained, the M&M's are really a bonus for her and not something enticing her to actually go on the potty. I continued looking at her and smiling, that knowing smile like I know you are playing me little girl! And she bursts out in the funniest high pitched silly voice with, "Yes, you do get an MM Lola!" It was soooo funny.

Colin's best friend Colden came over for a few hours so the kids could play. I just love little Colden. He is such a good kid, and he not only loves and gets along well with Colin....

 ....but he also loves the rest of our family too! This was a game they named 
"Four Man Rumble". It went on for quite a while, and miraculously, no one was hurt!

 Friday, April 6

Once again, our wonderful library came through for a glorious morning of entertainment! Just like our yearly morning with Mrs. Claus, they also do a hunt for Easter eggs--along with craft time, story time, and playtime--and you just can't beat it for a great morning of activities for the littles!

Lola played for a looooong time with the stuffed Veggie Tales characters!

This is her "Mom, I sure would love to have a collection like this at my house" look! *giggle*

Cameron read for a while about all kinds of sea life....

....and then created an Easter chick.
He was very proud to be different from everyone else--his chick had four eyes.

 E did the same thing!

Miss Paula read to all the little ones while the bigger kids went and started their hunt for eggs.

E and LoLo were such good little listeners....

...and after a minute, Lo gave me a really, really cute picture!

Then it was the little ones' time to do some hunting. Cameron helped Lola for a while.

She loved it!

Col came over to show his bounty....

....and then began to help LoLo grow her basket.

Colden was there too, and also helped Lo--I think she got more candy than any other child at the hunt!

Colden, Colin, and Sam showing off their goodies

We took a trip to the park, then came home for lunch. Then, it was back outside to play some more games that the boys had invented.

Cameron made sure to show and explain to me the difference between a play gun....

....and a play taser. 
(That would be one finger, if you didn't catch that.)

Another great week for the books!


Leanne said...

Devin, love that Easter photo of the guys look great!

What do you do with all of Lola's clothes when she grows out of them?? I'd be interested in buying them from you....does that sound crass??? Ha. I'd love it if I lived closer cause then I could give you Lulu's stuff for Lola!! Email me and let me know.

I love these Remember posts. Once we get our good computer and our good camera I want to do them too.

Love you, girl!