Monday, June 18, 2012

A new truck for Daddy

Last month, we did something very, very special.

We drove over to Indiana to pick up a brand new (to him) truck for Daddy!!

Shane has been looking for a while to replace his truck. If you have seen it, you would know why! We are very, very thankful that his truck has been so faithful for so long, but we decided it was time to upgrade to something that could fit the whole family.  Last month, we loaded up the family and headed over to pick up one we found that was perfect!

The kids immediately ditched me decided they wanted to ride home with Daddy. 
There was room for them plus extra to spare!

Proud Daddy and kiddos!

We took a trip to the Lego store and then had some lunch at the Olive Garden. 
The kids love that place (it is a rare treat) an are always very well behaved.

It was a super fun day with the family.

So excited for you and your new ride, babe! :)


Kara said...

What a fun day for your crew! I too got ditched on the ride home when we picked up Cory's new car.