Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The end of T-ball season

T-ball seemed to come and go in a flash.

The little ones do not have as many games as the Rookie boys do, and it seemed as though they were here and done in no time! I was so excited to capture a few really great moments from the Catlin Cardinals' very last game of the 2012 season.

Ethan, watching the other batters before getting ready to bat himself!

Here is a quick video of Ethan's last time at bat. He had a great hitting season, only hitting off of the tee one or two times all year. You have to watch to the end to see the HUGE grin on his face, once he is safe on first base and everyone is yelling that he did a great job!

Ethan scoring for the last time--Coach Bobby knew to move that tee because Ethan would slide at home every single time, whether he "needed to" or not! *giggle*
{Note the Merritt signature 'thumbs up' at the end!}

And then, there is the big slugger. 
Warming up with two bats, no less!

Cameron loved getting to be the last batter, because it meant he was the only player that didn't have to stop at first base when he got his hit. If he hit it hard enough, he would be able to do this:

(I was always so worried he was going to run poor Rylee over!!)

The very last time he was at bat, I caught a still of him sliding into home. This last hit 
was a lot closer than the video above, and he actually had the presence of mind to slide under the tag! 
The kid just amazes his Momma. :)

Lolee girl always offers comic relief on the sidelines!

Since this was the last game, the boys and their teammates were awarded their trophies.

They were awfully proud. :)

Coach Wright handing them their trophies

{Ethan, I do believe, is still sleeping with his. lol}

2012 Catlin Cardinals!

The crew

It was a wonderful season, filled with lots of special memories....

....and, as usual, I couldn't be prouder of the boys and their accomplishments!!


Anonymous said...

I seriously come to your blog several times a week because your family is so awesome! I've missed your writing lately! I hope summer is going well!