Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school, 2012

It's that time of year again.

Today, I herded my crew through the door of Catlin Grade School to begin what promises to be another great year there.

The only difference? This year, all three of my boys went.  

Cameron headed off to first grade....

Colin became my big third grader....

....and, sweet little Ethan--headed off for his milestone year: Kindergarten.

Ethan has been counting down the days since....oh....February or so. :)
He is just over the moon to be able to GO everyday, off with his brothers, instead of 
watching them leave like all the previous years.

You can tell by the look on his face--his response when I said, "Ethan, how excited are you?"

Of course, the boys would have no part of leaving for school until Lolee girl got in a picture with them.
This may be my new favorite picture.

We walked everyone into the gym, where each boy was seated in their class' spot.
Ethan, with his friends Jameson and Cooper, both of whom played on his T-ball team
 AND are now playing on his soccer team! 

You could tell that Ethan just felt like such a big, grown up boy.

Cameron was happy because he was "the FIRST one in the FIRST GRADE SPOT!"
Silly boy.

Colin in the third grade section

Then it was time to line up and head to classrooms.

Off he goes!

First, we dropped Colin off in his class. There is no funny business in third grade--
those kids dropped their bags, sat down, and got right to work! LOL

Then, time to take Cameron in, get him situated, and say goodbye.

He did great--no nerves, and obviously VERY happy to be a first grader in Mrs. Fretueg's class!
{And at a table with his buddy Waylon--BONUS!}

Then, for the last dropoff.
{And the hardest.*sniff*}
To the Kindergarten room--
which, this year, is full of Mrs. Winkler's "sweet treats"....

....including this guy.
I'm fairly certain he'll be one of the sweetest. *grin*

Ethan found his hook and hung up his bag and lunchbox....

...then found his seat....

....and made some friends.

He was all smiles....and, amazingly, so was Mommy. 
{Well....until the hallway. But that's between us.}

The times, they are a changin'.  But no matter how big they get or where they go....

....they will all--each one of them--still be my babies.


Julie said...

**sniff, sniff** Not even my kids, and I'm teary eyed for you! <3 ya girl.