Monday, September 17, 2012

First time at Camp Assurance

This year was a big first for my boys--CAMP!!

We go to a small camp just a few miles away from us called Camp Assurance. I grew up going there as a kid, and I even worked there as well, as a lifeguard. It is a wonderful place, and even though I was nervous (not just one overnight but TWO!) I couldn't wait for the boys to go and experience it for themselves!!

We snapped a picture before heading out!

We got there, checked in, then checked out the cabin.

The beds seemed okay! They were a little worried about that. :)
(Love that Colin brought his two favorite animals with him--you can see 
Frog in this picture, strapped to his backpack for safety!!)

The boys unloaded the rest of their stuff....

....and then, it was time for goodbye. 
Ethan was still happy; Lola? Not so much.

Hugs and kisses!

I snapped a picture through the door as they began their meet and greet. 
HOW did my boys get so big!?

Lo and E had a bit of a rough time leaving their brothers I thought it 
appropriate to get them a little something to cheer them up.

I think....

....that.... worked!!

Ice cream always makes everything better.....

.....doesn't it??

The boys had a great time at camp, and already can't wait to go back next year--and better yet, Ethan gets to join them!!