Monday, December 10, 2012

Colin's birthday

I feel like I have said this before, but I truly think Colin's birthday falls on one of the hardest days of the year!

Colin was born to us nine years ago, Halloween afternoon. As most families with children would agree, Halloween is a jam-packed day as it is--let alone adding birthday festivities into the mix!

But of course, as usual....we managed!  Lola got costume #1 of the day on, 
and we headed to the boys' school for some lunch and Halloween parties!

Then, that evening, was some trick-or-treating fun with our friends: The Mario Kart Gang!

After that was dinner out. Because this year Halloween fell on a Wednesday night, and Shane, I, and our friends run our Wednesday night children't program at our church, we had to hurry--so we picked Steak N Shake to eat. Then it was off to church, and home for showers and pj's!

The poor kids were exhausted--but Colin was so excited over opening his presents that, even though it was almost 10 p.m., we had to let him do it! His first one was a doozie, for sure!!

Something he'd been asking for for a long time....

....from Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa.....
....a BULLS jersey!!

He beamed as bright as the sun. It was so precious.

He opened several more things: some clothes, some soccer pj pants.....

....and something else he has been wanting....

....his very own real Bible. He has several Bible story books, but has been asking for one he can read himself, on his own and in church. We were happy to oblige!!

We chose the Adventure Bible for him, and he has loved it so far.

(I loved that he wanted to read it right away, and for a moment even forgot about the other presents!)

Some Star Wars legos!

{Being silly and showing me how old they are...Lo didn't quite grasp it LOL}

One last one!

Colin is just such a special boy and a wonderful gift to our grateful for the NINE years we have been blessed with this young man's presence!


Kara said...

I just love your boys! Caden and Carter also have the Adventure Bible. WE get them for them when they enter Sparks as Kindergartners so they can learn to look up verses on their own! It's a great bible for boys! I can't believe how old they are getting! Lots of love to you all!

Anonymous said...

First of all I must say "You are so handsome!". I watch you grow before my eyes and I love you so much. I am proud of you. I think of you on this birthday with happy memories of the little boy you were, with pride in the special person you are and with great excitement to see the young man you will become. I wish you much happiness and love on this day and always.
Happy Birthday,
Gma Jane

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