Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some fun at the park

I can't write long today, but I wanted to show some great pictures that we took at Kickapoo State Park last Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and was the first Saturday in a long time that Shane didn't have something going! So we decided to head out relatively early and do some hiking (or, walking slowly would probably be a better term to use, since the boys stopped at nearly everything they saw to examine it closer !) and playing. We had a ton of fun, they boys really enjoyed themselves and so did we. Ethan was so good in the snuggli! He is almost 4 months now, and starting to really be able to look around and observe his surroundings. It was about halfway thru our "hike" thru the woods when Shane started smelling something stinky coming from Ethan...sure enough, he had decided that it was time to go to the bathroom, and the way he was positioned in the snuggli must have been just the right way, because everything just shot straight up his back. And here we were in the middle of the forest! So, I headed on with Ethan in my arms, and walked the boys to a nearby play area, and Shane headed back for the car. He brought the car around to where we were, and I got Ethan all cleaned up. :-) His diaper was practically DRY (I am not kidding on that)--however, he was a mess clear up to his shoulderblades, and his clothes were covered as well. Good thing I always keep an extra outfit with me...I learned my lesson on that one long ago! Anyway, Ethan seemed to feel much better after that, I can't imagine why! We stayed at the park area for a long time. Colin and Cameron LOVED the swings, but mostly loved going down the slides with Daddy! We had such a great time, even saw a few deer and one tatoo, as Colin used to call the racoons. Shane and I have been coming to this park for years now....we used to walk our dogs on the trails. It is so great now to be able to share in the fun with the boys!

Cameron LOVED the slides and got really brave at the end....he started going down HEAD first, just like his big brother was doing!


Dora said...

I love the black and white pictures... I feel you on that when little Ethan made a poopoo all over.. I never had that problem with Isaiah.. but with Kendall<-- a couple of times!
It looks like you guys had a great time, your boys are so cute.