Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Biking Adventures

It has just been absolutely beautiful here the last several days, and of course, we have all been outside whenever possible taking advantage of it! For all of you who have EVER given the boys money as a Christmas or birthday gift and have heard me say the words--"they don't need anything right now, but when they do, this money will certainly go to that good cause!"--you can know that your money very recently went to purchase two items that the boys are all having a tremendous amount of fun with--BICYCLE GEAR!!

We bought a bike seat for Colin,

a bike trailor for Cameron and Ethan,

and they absolutely LOVE taking rides around the neighborhood!

"What's up, Ethan?? Isn't this the coolest?"

I take them whenever I can during the day (yes, I can pull all three by myself!) and Shane and I often take them again at night. We love the exercise and the boys love the rides!


Unknown said...

augh! ethan looks so big in that seat! I see you figured out the side pic! yea!!!! Sure can't wait to see everyone this weekend again!!! Did I mention just how excited I am Devin?????? Super excited!!!! Didn't want you to think I was just kind of excited.:)-

Devin said...

You are just TOO funny!! :-)

We are SUPER excited that you are coming, too! Super!!

Karie said...

Oh, that is so cute! Ethan does look big in the seat. I am so jealous you guys are seeing each other again, but at least you guys take advantage of being close to each other, that is good. How are the boys feeling?

Karie said...

We are coming for sure May 30-June 5th, do you guys think you can come up for a few days? I would love to see you guys, just let me know.

Love ya,

The Boe's ~ said...

Oh my word Devin--how cute! You can seriously pull them all, I am jealous although I don't think I would even attempt it :) haha. When I was a teenager I think I almost scarred my cousin for life when she was on the back of my bike in that seat (like Cameron's) she came centimeters (not just inches:) ) from hitting her head on the bumper of a old,parked truck (we were camping)...aghhh the memories..
Ethan is getting so big! Hope you guys make it up here soon so we can see you all again! So...how is it with 3 boys..I have 14 days to go....~Heather

The Boe's ~ said...

oops, I meant like Colin's bike seat..

Dora said...

DEVIN! your family is so adorable.. I have been asking around about you.. Jason never got back to me..
stop by my blogg.. do you talk to mary.. I do sometimes, mostly send messages through Jay..
keep in touch.