Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some outdoor fun!

The weather has finally broken here, and it has been so warm....we have really enjoyed being able to play outside! The day we shot this video was warm, but exceptionally windy (that is the background noise you hear!) Colin almost took a pretty decent kick in the head from Cameron, because while Daddy was spinning Cameron he couldn't see where Colin was....and Colin just happened to wander pretty close to Cameron's spinning feet! Cameron practically got his arms pulled out of socket, and had a hard time staying on his feet afterward....but they sure enjoyed themselves!

Before we were able to get outdoors however, the boys (and I do mean Shane included) developed a "super fun" game where they get to climb on something high (usually a block, toy chest, or a laundry basket) and jump off--either onto the guest mattress in our computer room, as in this case, or into a pile of blankets and pillows! This has quickly surpassed playing with every other toy in the house and has officially become the funnest thing ever.


Rog & Aimee said...

I love the videos Dev! see you are already a pro. I still have a video from about 3 months ago that i need to put up! I am really excited to see you guys next weekend! Found out that when you guys come up, we have a work day that whole sat./ Are you and shane going up to chicago for that weekend or were you staying at the house the whole time??? I forget???

merrittfam said...

Hey Dev,
Never mind about my e-mail, you definitely have this blogging thing down. I love the video's. I also love that Cam and Colin have not changed much, that makes me feel like were not missing out on a ton. Reese looks at their picture every day.