Monday, September 10, 2007

Vacation, day 4 and 5


We stayed home most of the day and just chilled out! It was great, cause we were so tired from all of our adventures the day before! In the evening, we had dinner, and then went downstairs and the boys played a video game called "Guitar Hero" or something like that. You have to play along on a pretend guitar to songs on the TV was incredibly difficult to do (yours truly did attempt a couple songs, but even with my normal fairly decent musical ability, I BOMBED big time) but we had a lot of fun watching each other doing it. Shane did alright; Alan was pretty good; Austin was incredible! It was like watching Slash himself (LOL--that's funny, right?) Even Ethan enjoyed watching the boys play! Then we decided it was on to board games and Gram, Alan, Austin, Shane and I played Scattergories....that one gets funnier everytime we play it. Just for fun....can anyone name a baby food that begins with "T"?? (We'll see, Alan.....)

Alan and Colin, having dinner together.....doesn't he look comfortable at the kids' table?

Mckinley, Deanna and Ethan playing patty-cake

The boys playing Guitar Hero

Austin and Ethan, intently watching Guitar Hero

Gram and Ethan, having a conversation

I love this shot!

Ethan and Daddy


Day 5: A day at Table Rock Lake
What an incredible day.....I am going to let the pictures tell the story of our day!

Loading the boat
Heading out!

Colin couldn't wait to ride the jet ski with Daddy....

He LOVED it!

Deanna and Ethan

Colin, "drinving" the boat

Alan and Ethan going for a swim

Ethan LOVED the water--one big bath tub!

Ethan after his swim

Mommy and Cameron swimming--Cameron liked the water alot (and loved to splash the water in everyone's face!) but hated the life vest! So we let him take it off after awhile and just swim with his floaty suit

Colin, on the other hand, didn't mind his vest at all and we couldn't keep him OUT of the water!

Lunch time! I thought this picture was so funny because it is the least amount of food I have ever seen on Cameron's plate! :-)

Colin's cheesy face--literally, from eating cheetos

After lunch--Cameron's turn to jet ski!

Uncle Alan and Colin

I even took a turn (I love those things.....)
Colin watched from the tube

Shane joined me after awhile

A little while later....Colin was pooped.... was baby Ethan!

Colin woke from his nap pretty fast....too much fun stuff happening all around him!
Colin and Barrett, hanging out on the tube

It wasn't long before Ethan was awake again as well, and back in a place where he spent much of our Deanna's arms!

Barrett and Shane--actually tubing! Deanna in the backgound on the jet ski
Cameron and his "Au Au"

Captain Shane

Family swimming! Deanna bought Ethan this cute little boat for him to swim in, and it had a little shade thing to keep him covered

I like it Daddy!
It was a long day, and we finally ended up getting off the water about 8 p.m. We were all pooped! But we had had so much fun....we ended the day with dinner at McAlister's deli, and then headed home. It was an incredible vacation--we just can not say enough good about everything and how much fun we had, and we can't wait to go back again!


Unknown said...

ok, what is with this guitar hero thing! my sister is into it too and I never heard of it until a few weeks ago! You guys look like you had a blast. I am exhausted from your trip and I have been home for weeks!

Devin said...


You're funny! We really did have so much fun down there. This guitar thing was so cool--I know the boys would have a great time at Thanksgiving with it...I am sure Austin will bring it :-). We won't be able to get them out of that room! The only thing that would have made our trip better was to have my two sis-in-laws along...we will do it at some point, right?


Unknown said...

well, we could seriously consider making that our vacation spot for next year for the whole fam? we could do a long weekend or something? instead of up north or everyone coming here we could go there? possibly check out rates at a good motel seeing as how there will be about 15 of us. that way then gram and deanna and allan can see the new babies before next thanksgiving??? just a thought so maybe we could plan early and save up???

jillybean said...

Thanks for saying hey! What a blast from the past! You've got a bunch of cuties there! Congratulations!

Jill (Humrichous)