Wednesday, October 31, 2007

4 years ago today....(part two)

We left off about midnight, with no baby anywhere in sight.

As of 12 p.m. the next day, we still had no baby. But we were much closer.

I had been in labor, at this point, for about 22 hours. To tell you the honest truth, that wasn't the worst of it--the worst part for me was the fact that I hadn't eaten in almost 30 hours, and hadn't slept in 36. I was starving and exhausted.

On a side note here--I understand why they don't want you to eat (the risk of c-sections and all) but yet I have to say I think that cutting off food is the dumbest thing you can do to a laboring woman. After all, in labor, you are in like the marathon of your life. You NEED your fuel! I was so hungry that I was almost focusing on my starvation more than the intense pain. Which I suppose may have been a good thing....anyway, in between contractions I was begging Shane to sneak me in some food. Crackers, anything. But, he was the obedient to the doctor, and much as he wanted to, didn't bring me any food.

So, by noon, I was starved and exhausted.

And, FINALLY, at 10 cm.

Ready to push. And push, and push, and push some more.

2 hours of pushing. Colin's head would appear....then disappear. Then appear again....then gone again. It was like this for probably an hour! But, finally, at a little before 2 p.m., my first little baby arrived. And just like I said about Cameron....he was perfect.

About 1/2 hour old

In Grandpa Roger's arms--he was so tiny!
One day old, cuddling with Mommy
Two days old--still in that newborn, fall-asleep-anywhere and in any position phase (see his tiny hand wrapped around Shane's finger? I love that)

First trip to the doctor, at three days old!
Snuggling with Daddy, 1 week old

Hi Mommy!

Asleep again....Colin loved to sleep in Shane's arms

I prayed, my entire pregnancy, that I would just "please not have this baby on Halloween." But God saw fit to have things His way, not mine. I am so thankful that because of God's wonderful timing, this day now holds something so much more special than candy and costumes for my family. We got our first of three wonderful 'treats' on that day!

Happy Birthday Colin--We love you!


jillybean said...

So interesting to read your story! Having been through it now, I love hearing about other people's experiences. My experience sounds somewhat similar and then totally different altogether. Had to push a long time, but didn't have nearly as long to wait at the beginning. Wow, you are a trooper! Now, I'm curious to hear your other two birth stories. Maybe you already wrote about those in an earlier blog. I'll have to look back! October 31st has some special significance to me too, but you'll have to stay posted to my blog to find out. I'm way too tired to write about it tonight, and I'm looking for the perfect picture. Anyway, random, rambling thoughts from a sleepyhead!

Audrea said...

I had the same starving experience with my first. I do remember getting some Jello, though, and man did I scarf that down! I've since discovered Shaklee Performance which is just AWESOME for labor! It's like a sports drink, but better, because it gives you energy and takes away the hungries without violating the "no food" rule!

The Boe's ~ said...

Yes, I read and enjoyed the whole thing too--I have all C-sections so I love hearing everyone's experience' have such a great way of telling stories!!